Billy Idol and Bob Dylan, but also Asaf Avidan and Noora Noor, among June’s concerts


Billy Idol, Bob Dylan and Tori Amos return to Romania in June to enchant their eager fans with their music in concerts, and Asaf Avidan and Noora Noor will be present at WonderDay to recreate a world of wonder and to offer the Romanians the opportunity to listen to them live.
Singer Tori Amos returns to Bucharest where she held a concert seven years ago, for a new show on June 19 at the Roman Arenas. The event is included in the promo tour for her new album “Unrepentant Geraldines,” to be launched this spring.
Legendary artist Bob Dylan returns to Romania to hold a concert at the Palace Hall in Bucharest on June 25. This is his second concert here in Romania and his first on the stage of the Palace Hall. Bob Dylan’s previous concert took place in June 2010 during the Never Ending Tour, the chain of shows started in 1988.
The stars of the Cuban super-group Buena Vista Social Club will hold a concert at the Palace Hall on June 28, included in their last world tour in which they say “Adios!” to their fans around the world. After more than 16 years spent together under the leadership of Jesus Aguaje Ramos, the indefatigable stars of the movie and album “Buena Vista Social Club” start on a concert once again, namely the incomparable Omara Portuondo, guitarist with cowboy hat Eliades Ochoa, trumpet player Guajiro Mirabal and virtuoso of traditional Cuban instrument laud, Barbarito Torres.
Rock legend Billy Idol returns to Romania and will hold a concert on June 29 at the Roman Arenas in Bucharest. Since a punk rock pioneer to worldwide superstar, Billy Idol has been an emblematic figure for three decades and has created a unique musical niche.
June welcomes the music aficionados with WonderDay, the first concept-event in Romania, to take place on June 29 on the estate of Mogosoaia Palace and will bring Asaf Avidan, Delilah, Noora Noor, Tape Five and Aylin along The Lucky Charms for the public present. WonderDay aims to recreate a fairy tale world starting from an impressive natural landscape provided by Mogosoaia Palace which will become a real fairy tale realm through special decorum, unique lighting and surprising characters that will come alive for a day.