Bitcoin in Romania too


BTCXchange, the first Romanian company that converts Bitcoins into RON, presented the virtual currency on Monday, at the opening of the first online exchange developed by the company, informs. The virtual currency is convertible into the Romanian currency ever since the end of 2013. Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital, cryptographic currency similar to cash on the internet. Payments with Bitcoins are made by scanning a QR code that contains the address of the beneficiary and the sum requested. The sum already exchanged since the opening of BTCXchange is of approximately USD 1.1 M. BTCXchange founder Horea Vuscan announced that he has already started to build a BTC ATM and wants to introduce an ATM in every large city in Romania in 2015. BTCXchange’s goal is to make Bitcoin more accessible than bank cards. The first 20 contracts signed have an exchange commission of 0 per cent in the first two years after signing, and then the withdrawal fee will stand at 0.01 per cent.