Blaga is happy Udrea left PDL, sees the Right unification only around PDL

Liberal Democrats are increasingly scarcer after having lost several of their oldest members late last week.

Sunday, at a press conference in Brasov, where the Liberal Democrats’ Party Executive meeting was held, PDL chairman Vasile Blaga said his party has a new political opponent – the People’s Movement Party (PMP), the same party Elena Udrea and fifteen other former PDL members joined two days prior. “PDL has another political opponent; I’m not calling it an ‘enemy’ yet. (…) The nature of our future relationship depends on this party, not us. We are political opponents,” Blaga said quoted by Mediafax.
The PDL leader added that the strategy for the Euro elections in spring has been devised, and the list of candidates includes “both experienced and younger colleagues.” “We have also established the first campaign event – a public gathering in Bucharest this Saturday, which we hope will be attended by many participants, both party members and citizens,” the Liberal Democrat said further.
Blaga believes the unification of the right can only be accomplished if it is “centered on PDL,” and a larger right-wing party should be created at some point to “successfully oppose PSD.” He also expressed his conviction that after the European elections PDL will be wise enough “to support only one right-wing candidate who will in fact win the presidential elections,” namely Catalin Predoiu.
Attack against Udrea
The PDL leader took advantage of this opportunity to comment on the recent desertions from his party. He pointed out Elena Udrea would never had become chairwoman of PDL because the party has undergone many changes and the “era of decisions made through envelope has passed.” “It’s a good thing that she has found her way (editor’s note – Udrea); she will be chairwoman and she may even run for president. It only concerns her. (…) No offense, but it’s good that she walked out,” Blaga added. He also said he views the other desertions as being positive because most of the former PDL members “never had much to do with the party,” underlining it was better they walked away now and not later. “If you take a careful look at those who left, you’ll see many of them never had much to do with the party. Any desertion affects me because I want people to join the party, but it is much better that it happened at this time. If you do a background check on each an every one of the deserters, you will see almost all of them were in conflict with the party.” When asked if one of the topics of discussion at the meeting was the fact that Theodor Stolojan and Monica Macovei need “to take a step back,” Blaga replied, “I give you my word that no such talks were ever had, neither officially or unofficially.”
Gheorghe Falca, chairman of PDL Arad, is of a different opinion. He stated he regrets the desertions from PDL and still hopes for a reunification of the right. Although he is a member of the People’s Movement Foundation, Falca said he will not resign from PDL. “(…) I am able to separate my work with the foundation and my responsibility as chairman of PDL Arad,” he concluded, pointing out he would legally lose his term if he left the party.
Boc, the most significant absentee from Brasov
Emil Boc, former chairman of PDL, did not take part in Saturday’s Party Executive meeting, an absence which created a cloud of speculations around the distance between him and the current leadership of the party, as well as around the possibility of him leaving the party. When asked about the former Prime Minister’s absence, PDL vice-chairman Cezar Preda said Emil Boc is “a man who received a great deal from PDL.” “If my esteemed colleague believes someone other than PDL has given him more – much like many others who believe that they have taken from the party, not that the party has given them – he is free to do as he pleases. I respected him, I respect him, and I will still respect him as long as he is a member of the party. When he is no longer with the party, he will not have my respect,” Preda stated. In turn, PDL leader Theodor Stolojan said he does not believe Emil Boc will join PMP.
However, Vasile Blaga said he was not surprised by the former PDL chairman’s absence from the Party Executive meeting in Brasov because the latter was not in the habit of attending meetings even before. Deputy Elena Udrea “added fuel to the fire” by stating Emil Boc will soon explain why he did not attend the PDL meeting in Brasov. “Let’s say it is a sign,” she said. Boc could not be reached to offer an explanation in this respect. Apart from Boc, Gheorghe Stefan and Mircea Hava, mayor of Piatra Neamt and mayor of Alba Iulia, respectively, were also absent from the meeting.

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