Blaga warns local branches over poor results at Euro elections

The members of the National Standing Bureau of PDL decided during yesterday’s meeting that the leaders of the bottom ten organizations with the lowest results at the European Parliament elections should be dismissed, saying that all leaders know their target, so that “they should not even think about sabotaging the party.” PDL leader Vasile Blaga said the decision will target the analysis of the way the organizations will cope with the political battle against all the political forces in the election campaign this year. “All our colleagues know the target so that they should not event think about sabotaging the party and on the other hand to request an answer from the party. We ask an answer from them and they we are discussing in the Steering Committee,” said Blaga, quoted by Mediafax. Inquired about the matter of the PDL mayors who register in the Popular Movement Foundation, the PDL leader said those who believe votes can be transferred are wrong: “You cannot give the example of a single alliance or structure after 1990 in which the sum of the figures of each party should add up to the final score of the structure. These are tell-tales.” He said the Saturday meeting held by PDL in Bucharest showed “the force of this party being the main and sole opposition party.” Inquired about the fact that Traian Basescu made an appeal to the Popular Movement not to attack PDL, as a sign of respect that they stem from this party, Blaga answered: “It is a large gap between “Good bye PDL! and these statements.” On the other hand, he said Emil Boc has a moral issue regarding his joining the Popular Movement Foundation, because he has to decide if it is good to be a member of a foundation who got fed up with PDL, but that there is no possibility that he should be kicked from the party. Inquired how he will stop more PDL mayors to join the Popular Movement Foundation, Blaga said he does not intend to stop this, but that from statements to deeds there is a long way.

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