Boos and moments of silence at events for Union of Principalities

The events devoted to the celebration of the Union of Principalities on Friday were overshadowed by the recent air tragedy in Apuseni Mountains, where two persons died, whereas the leaders participating in the event or in absentia were booed by the people present. The Union dance Hora Unirii was not danced in Iasi, in sign of respect for the victims of the accident, an unprecedented fact, and the local authorities also canceled a concert devoted to the events, on the same grounds of the air tragedy. More than 2,000 people took part in the events around the Union of Principalities in Iasi on Friday, where Senate President Crin Antonescu was present along with several ministers, among whom vice-PM Liviu Dragnea, Minister of Agriculture Daniel Constantin and Minister of European Funds Eugen Teodorovici. PM Victor Ponta was supposed to be part of the celebrations but he was not present. Although absent, both the PM and President Traian Basescu, along with Crin Antonescu and the local Iasi leaders were booed by the citizens. They shouted: “Thieves!” “Down with Basescu,” “Down with Antonescu,” “Down with Ponta.”
Senate Speaker Crin Antonescu said during the Iasi speech that he wished Vasile Blaga, present in the crowd, were near him on the stage and that he takes those who hiss and boo into consideration, adding: “We have to turn the Union’s gift into deeds, not words.”
According to Antonescu’s speech, the Union accomplished in 1859 would not have been possible without the joint efforts of representatives of all political and intellectual camps of the time. Asked if PM Ponta was afraid of coming to Iasi in order not to be booed, Antonescu answered he doesn’t think a politician such as Ponta can live without this fear. “When you are governing, you can expect also to be booed,” added Antonescu.
On January 24 the Government states again the message of unity and solidarity the Romanians conveyed 155 years ago, when the political leaders of that time decided that the national interest and the people’s destiny were above any selfish ambitions or private interests, also reads the message of PM Ponta. ‘Today, more than ever before, we must be aware of our force as a people and find again our hope that we can be alive by living in a better, more united and more prosperous society,’ says the Premier in his message.
President Basescu conveyed a message as well, saying that Romanians must understand the importance of solidarity in the great family that is Romania.
Events devoted to the Union of Principalities took place in Focsani as well, where people wore tri-coloured scarves, flags and armbands. Minister of Defence Mircea Dusa was present, along with vice-PM Liviu Dragnea, and Senate vice-President Cristian Dumitrescu.

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