Brancoveanu’s bones, brought back to St George Church

The bones of ruler Constantin Brancoveanu were brought back yesterday on the day of Constantine and Helen at St George Church in Bucharest, built even by the ruler killed by Turks at Constantinople. In 2014, labeled by the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church as the Homage Eucharistic and commemorative year of the Brancoveanu family martyr saints, it is 300 years since the martyrdom of the ruler and his four sons. The remains of the Saint Martyr Constantin Brancoveanu placed in a golden silver chest were set on Wednesday morning along with the remains of the Holy Emperors Constantine and Helen and the Pious Saint Demetrius the New, protector of Bucharest, in the baldaquin at the Patriarchy Hill, as thousands came to say prayers. His bones were carried on the same road like in 1934, Domnita Balasa Church – University – St George New Church. The tragic death of Constantin Brancoveanu came after the Turks believed him to be secretly plotting with the Habsburg Empire and the Russian Empire. On August 15, 1714, the ruler and his four sons, the youngest of which was only 12, were beheaded.
A bust of the ruler was unveiled yesterday in District 4 to commemorate him . A bronze replica of the one who chose death and the death of those beloved, refusing to renounce his Christianity, this bust represents, according to the local authorities, the centre of landscaping design at the crossroads of Constantin Brancoveanu Avenue and Oltenitei Road.

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