Brancusi’s “The Kiss” sold for over USD 8.5 M to American couple

Constantin Brancusi’s version of “The Kiss” was sold for USD 8,565,000 at the auction held by Christie’s auction house on Tuesday in New York, reports Mediafax.
The work made of plaster and about 36×24 in size, is one of the six versions of the sculpture, representing two lovers hugging and united in a kiss, created by the artist over his career.
The price got for Brancusi’s sculpture was USD 8,565,000 (7.5 million plus the fee for Christie’s auction house), exceeding the organizers’ expectations, which placed it between 5 and 8 million. The buyers are an American couple of collectors who were present in the room, in which the wife had the last word after a challenge with other two interested buyers, a duel lasting over three minutes.
Christie’s representatives were extremely satisfied by the price they got for Brancusi’s “The Kiss.” This is the second work of the Romanian artist put on auction at Christie’s auction house in New York over the past couple of years. “The Muse,” another reference masterpiece of the Romanian sculptor, was sold for USD 12.4 million in 2012, being purchased by a private collector.
The current version of “The Kiss” put for auction on Tuesday by Christie’s auction house is one belonging to the maturity period of creation, made by the artist in 1946, being an exact replica of the chalk version of 1925, which was part of a lot of 57 sculptures of the Romanian artist of his first individual exhibition in New York in 1933, and which can be currently found at the Modern Art Museum in Paris.

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