Brancusi Day to be celebrated in Romania and abroad



February 19, Brancusi Day, will be celebrated by the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) both in Bucharest and at its offices in Budapest, Chisinau, New York, Paris and Vienna through conferences, photo exhibitions, stage shows and film screenings dedicated to the work of the great Romanian sculptor.


* On 21 February, a round table will be organised at the ICR main offices starting at 18:30hrs to discuss Matei Stircea-Craciun’s treatise on hermeneutics of abstract sculpture, published by the Brancusi Publishing House of Targu Jiu, with support from the ICR’s publishing house, ICR informed on Wednesday in a press statement.

Joining the author to talk about endogenous hermeneutics as a new method in art criticism will be ICR Chairman Radu Boroianu, presidential advisor Sergiu Nistor and Doru Strambulescu, manager of the Constantin Brancusi Research, Documentation and Promotion Centre of Targu Jiu.


* ICR Budapest will host Ingo Glass to deliver a lecture on the influence of Brancusi on arts and architecture in the 20th and 21st centuries, on 17 February at 18:30 hrs. Born in Timisoara and settled in Budapest, noted sculptor Ingo Glass, a representative of Neocontructivism and author of a book on Constantin Brancusi and his influence on the 20th century sculpture, is a frequent guest to lecture on the influence of the great Romanian artist on arts.


* ICR Mihai Eminescu of Chisinau, Moldova will open on 19 February at 16:00hrs an exhibition titled “Constantin Brancusi – The Magic Bird,” and stage a pantomime, music and poetry show called “Bird in Space. Tribute to Constantin Brancusi,” at the Nicolae Iorga Culture Centre of Sangerei.


* ICR New York organises on 17 February at 19:00 hrs at the Auditorium Hall the event titled “Brancusi: The Visionary,” starring Doina Lemny, curator of Musee National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou of Paris who will deliver a speech in English called “Brancusi: The Art of Carving One’s Own Image” that will emphasise the role of the great sculptor as his own free “artistic agent.” The conference will also include the presentation of “Brancusi, an Artist without Frontiers.”


After the conference, documentary film “Brancusi – L’ensemble sculptural de Targu Jiu en Roumanie” / “Brancusi – Sculptural ensemble of Targu Jiu, Romania” (2012, 15 min, coordinator: Doina Lemny, cinematography: Cristian Tamas, editing: Marius Robu, soundtrack: George Enescu – Sonata no. 3, violin: George Enescu, piano: Dinu Lipatti).


An exhibition will also be mounted of books from the institute’s own library as well as private collections dedicated to the work and personality of Brancusi, including monographs and critical studies in English, Romanian and French.


* ICR Paris will organise on 22 February at 20:00hrs in the Byzantine Hall of Behague Palace, the residence of the Romanian ambassador to France, the event “Secret Brancusi: The Man, in the Artist’s Shadow.” The film “In Search of the Lost Father” by Ionut Teianu will open the event, followed by a debate to be attended by by Doina Lemny.


* ICR Viena will host on 17 February starting at 18:00hrs at its film library the screening of the BBC documentary “Tony Cragg on Constantin Brancusi.” The film introduces Tony Cragg, an important British sculptor and a Turner Prize awardee (1988), travelling through Romania, looking for the space that inspired Constantin Brancusi to create his masterpieces. The film also reveals a resemblance between the sculptures of Brancusi and his mentor Auguste Rodin.


All these cultural events are part of the multiannual strategy of the ICR to continue projects launched one year before that pay tribute to Constantin Brancusi (1876 – 1957).