Breedlove: The Russian force on the borders of Ukraine, worrying

‘The commitment of NATO for the collective defence of allies cannot be doubted’, the American general assured.

The Allied Commander in Europe, Philip Breedlove said in an interview granted to Mediafax that the force deployed by Russia on the borders of Ukraine is very capable and worrying and that the commitment of NATO for the collective defence of allies cannot be doubted.
The American general stopped for two hours, Wednesday, while coming from Afghanistan, at the Kogalniceanu Air Base in order to be informed about the situation in the region.
According to Breedlove, the force placed by Russia on the border with Ukraine is large enough and, if directed, it can invade the east of this country. The American official reiterated the commitment of NATO to observing article 5 of the Alliance Treaty, which provides the collective defence of members.
Referring to the American military presence in Romania, demanded by Romanian officials, Breedlove said that it is a matter of meditation for the NATO Summit of this autumn and, depending on how things evolve around Ukraine, political leaders will make a decision with this regard.
According to the general, the AWACS surveillance patrols of NATO are in the air every day, allowing the air forces of Romania, USA and other NATO allies to understand the real situation. Breedlove explained that Romania has all three components, air, navy and ground forces, as part of the security measures, because in the field there are not only the troops from this base, but also the marines of the rotational forces of the Black Sea, and USS Taylor entered the Black Sea and will continue the exercises and interaction with Romania and other NATO allies at the Black Sea.
In his opinion, these security measures are sufficient for Romania at this moment, assuring that the initial measures approved for Romania – air, sea and ground – are of nature to offer assurance. Breedlove also stressed that these assurance packages such as that for Romania, were proposed so everybody understands the clear commitment of NATO for Article 5, namely collective defence.
The Allied Commander in Europe appreciated Romania’s contribution to NATO as “very important,” “very solid” and described the system at Deveselu as “a success story.” In his opinion, the project will advance as planned, because preparations are on schedule and within the budget. Philip Breedlove added that the Kogalniceanu airbase is important not just for the troops that return and depart for Afghanistan, but also because it is an important part of the NATO defence system.

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