Bucharest General Council threatened to dissolve

CGBM meeting on Wednesday failed to be held due to lack of quorum as PDL and PNL councilors were absent.

The meeting of Bucharest General Council (CGMB) summoned on Wednesday by general mayor Sorin Oprescu was dismissed two hours after the hour announced, due to lack of quorum. There were only 24 councilors from PSD, PC and PP-DD present in the CGMB meeting hall.
The group of PSD, PC and PP-DD councilors does not acknowledge the validation made by the new PNL-PDL majority which claims in its turn that the validations are legal.
The PDL and PNL councilors announced before the hour of the ordinary meeting on Wednesday (1 pm) that they will not participate in it, claiming it was summoned illegally by general mayor Sorin Oprescu. The general councilors of PDL and PNL at Bucharest Mayoralty will not participate today in the ordinary meeting illegally summoned by Sorin Oprescu as a protest towards the repeated abuse made by the general mayor. PDL and PNL ask Sorin Oprescu to give up the political masquerade and observe the law,” reads a PDL Bucharest release, sent on Wednesday to Mediafax news agency. PDL and PNL Bucharest asked the general mayor to “stop breaking the law and to cease summoning according to his own will two ordinary meetings of the General Council in the same month, as it is against the law.”
As a reply, Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu said the best solution to solve the situation at CGMB is to find a balance to make sure the city works in the interest of the citizens but said that the Council may come to be dissolved, in case the councilors continue like this. In his opinion, the best solution to solve the situation is to find a working balance.
Bucharest prefect Nicolae Petrovan mentioned the legal procedure to dissolve a local council after which he said “Civil society, wake up!” “I will read from a body of a law in the Public Local Administration Law, 215/2001, art 55, line 3: The Local Council can be dissolved through local referendum held according to the law. The referendum is held following the request submitted to the prefect by at least 25 per cent of the voters registered on the election lists of the territorial administrative unit,” said the Bucharest prefect, after the general secretary of Bucharest Mayoralty noticed that the presence of the 24 general councilors at the Wednesday meeting does not provide the legal quorum necessary to be held. Bucharest prefect added that he is unlucky as the situation at CGMB is unprecedented.
PNL representatives at Bucharest General Council say, about the possibility that CGMB might be dissolved, that they are willing to “become legitimate again through a vote of the citizens,” but believe that “solutions, not blockage” is necessary at the moment. In a press statement made at the end of the day in which the ordinary meeting of CGMB was closed due to lack of quorum, and Bucharest prefect invoked the legal procedure for the possibility to dissolve a local council, the liberals start by asking the general mayor Sorin Oprescu “to notice the new stable majority created within CGMB.” “We are positive that through an institutional dialogue, the projects for Bucharest will unblock shortly. We assure mayor Oprescu once again of the entire support of the general councilors from the National Liberal Party for feasible projects with a healthy budget,” said the liberals from CGMB, in the statement signed by their group leader, Cornel Pieptea.

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