Bucharest Stock Exchange advances 0.38 per cent on Wednesday


The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) main index BET of the top 10 liquid issuers went up 0.38 per cent on Wednesday, while the market volume at BVB was 17.9 million euros, with Proprietatea Fund, SIF2 Moldova and SIF5 Oltenia having registered the most liquid stocks.

Transactions were recorded on stocks issued by 53 companies, of which 22 recorded gains and 18 recorded losses.

The BET Plus index reflecting the developments in the 37 most liquid stocks, except the SIFs, went up 0.41 per cent, the BET-XT extended blue-chip index of the 25 most liquid shares moved up 0.47 per cent, while the BET-NG index of the companies in the energy industry and public utilities sector advanced 0.23 per cent.

The BET-BK benchmark index of the investment funds grew 0.55 per cent.