Bucharest’s City Hall offers summer camps to 1,000 pupils, students from Chisinau


Bucharest’s Mayor Gabriela Firea, on an official visit to Chisinau, announced on Tuesday that 500 pupils and 500 students from Chisinau will benefit from camps during the summer season, according to a Bucharest’s City Hall release.

Firea also said that, based on the collaboration agreement signed in Bucharest on February 14, the Bucharest Municipality will support the rehabilitation of a maternity hospital and a high school in Chisinau and will support the capital city of Modova in drafting a regulation in the field of urbanism, because there are no clear regulations in the capital city of the Republic of Moldova on the control of constructions.

Also, following the signing of the cooperation program, the Bucharest City General Council approved the decision authorizing Public Transport Company RATB to conclude an agreement with the Chisinau Local Transport Service for the transmission of two buses that will run on a cultural route of the capital city of the Republic of Moldova.

Moreover, the cultural departments of the two city halls have started the program “Week of the Bucharest Theaters” in Chisinau and “Chisinau Theaters Week” in Bucharest.