Businessman Dan Adamescu, under criminal investigation for bribing judges

In the same case, four Bucharest Court judges were arrested for 30 days for receiving bribes from insolvent companies, liquidators and trustees.

The prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) have started a criminal investigation of businessman Dan Adamescu for the crime of bribery in the case of the four Bucharest Court judges who were arrested for 30 days for receiving bribes from insolvent companies, liquidators and trustees. “In the ordinance to proceed with the criminal investigation it is shown that the case contains data and aspects from which reasonable suspicions can be inferred that in December 2013 suspect Adamescu remitted, through intermediaries, EUR 15,000 and EUR 5,000 respectively to defendants Ion Stanciu and Elena Roventa, judges at the Bucharest Court’s Department 7 Civil Law, so that in return the judges would find reasonable resolutions in insolvency cases for companies that he was a shareholder of,” a DNA press release quoted by Agerpres shows.
Dan Adamescu was summoned on Thursday to the DNA so that he may be informed of his part in the trial, his status as a suspect and the charges brought against him. He spent three hours at the hearings, refusing to make any comments on his arrival and departure from the DNA.
DNA prosecutors conducted on Wednesday searches at the headquarters of some companies and at Dan Adamescu’s home.
Adamescu owns, among others, the Astra Asigurari company, Unirea Shopping Center, League I club Otelul Galati, ‘Romania Libera’ daily and the whole Medien Holding trust (which owns ‘Romania Libera’ daily). Judges Mircea Moldovan, Ion Stanciu, Elena Roventa and Ciprian Sorin Viziru, all from Bucharest Court’s Department 7, were placed under preventive arrest through a decision adopted on Tuesday by the Bucharest Court of Appeals, at the anticorruption prosecutors’ proposal. According to the prosecutors, the four judges directly or through intermediaries asked for and received sums of money, goods and services from insolvency experts, liquidators, trustees in bankruptcy, and administrators of unipersonal professional companies with limited responsibility. The DNA states that the insolvency of FC Otelul Galati, Piata de Gros, Rosegur and Argirom International are among the cases in which judges Mircea Moldovan and Elena Roventa intervened, selecting and appointing in a discretionary manner the judicial liquidators in return for some favors. For example, prosecutors state that Otelul Galati, holder of the 2010-2011 Romanian football title, illegally filed for insolvency in 2013, despite the fact that it registered a profit of ROL 12 bln in 2012. According to anticorruption prosecutors, the magistrates arrested for corruption were receiving not only money as bribery, but also the strangest of objects: construction materials, food products such as flour, meat and fish, clothes, Zepter cookware, fir trees, even a cuckoo clock. The request to have them placed under preventive arrest also shows that the four Bucharest Court judges were receiving as bribes for their interventions in court cases various sums of money, directly to their salary accounts through Western Union transfers or as cash in envelopes masked by magazines. Some of the sums represented a liquidator’s “holiday installment” or a part of his pay. Judge Mircea Moldovan, who was filmed while jumping the fence of his home in order to get away from the DNA prosecutors, was nicknamed “The Emperor.” After the case was brought to the attention of the press it was discovered that Moldovan’s 29-year-old son is the owner of a huge fortune.
EVZ: Adamescu’s 38-year-old lawyer committed suicide
Early this week the press agencies and newspapers announced that a 38-year-old man jumped in front of a subway train, losing his life. ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily published on Thursday an article revealing that the young man was George Adamescu, Dan Adamescu’s lawyer, who had denounced himself to the DNA for acting as the businessman’s intermediary when bribing the judges. He jumped in front of a subway train precisely on the day in which the four judges were detained by police.

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