BusinessMin Laufer: Over 19,000 business plans registered with Start-Up Nation program


Over 19,000 business plans have been registered with the Start-Up Nation program, 70 pct of which have been filed in the last five days to the deadline; a new session will be scheduled for 2018, Minister for the Business Milieu Ilan Laufer told a press conference on Monday.

“Let me begin by thanking those who worked to unlock the ANAF system. With sometimes as many as 7,000 concomitant requests the system could not handle such a high workload. Figures after the system was unlocked show that there were 19,296 business plans registered, 70 pct thereof were submitted in the last five days, and 34 percent on the last application day – on Friday, July 14,” Laufer said.

“I’m sure that we’ll have a one hundred percent absorption rate for both EU funds and the budget allocations. Those who get the funding agreement approved don’t have to put in money or provide guarantees. For this there’s the dedicated guarantee fund. Negotiations are being held with the banks for financing costs to be kept low. The beneficiaries won’t pay installments for the money raised via the bridge loan,” Ilan Laufer explained.

The minister said that the signing of the financing agreements for the approved plans should start in two weeks at the most.

As many as 8,653 business plans could be financed from budget allocations for this Start-up Nation stage, the equivalent of 20,956 new jobs. The next stage of the program is due in 2018, said Ilan Laufer.

In a Facebook post, the Business Milieu Minister said that no less than 216 applicants signed up in the last 5 minutes till the close of the program, at a pace of one per second.

The Start-Up Nation program has 1.7 bln lei allocated this year and the maximum amount for one beneficiary is 200,000 lei.