Cameron: Influx from Romania and Bulgaria has been ‘reasonable’

Immigration levels from Romania and Bulgaria has been ‘reasonable’ since work restrictions were lifted at the start of the year, David Cameron claimed yesterday, as quoted by .In his first verdict on numbers arriving in Britain, the Prime Minister suggested policies imposed by the coalition had prevented a large influx from Eastern Europe. Tory MP Nigel Mills made clear yesterday that he will force a vote to toughen up the Government’s Immigration Bill. He wants transitional controls on Bulgarian and Romanian migrants, which were lifted on January 1, to be re-introduced. In turn, Cameron insisted nothing more could be done in relation to workers from the two countries: ‘We have done the extent of what we can do within the rules that were agreed by the last government.’ ‘We have paused the Bill over Christmas and now I think we can see at the start of the year that so far there looks to be a reasonable level of migration and I hope we can make progress with the Bill.’ Two weeks ago Romania’s ambassador in London Dr Ion Jinga suggested that fewer than 25 Romanians had entered Britain since the restrictions were lifted. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Sunday also dismissed fears that too many immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria were moving to Germany, saying some sectors, such as such as nursing homes and home care, urgently needed migrant workers.

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