Candidacies of seven parties admitted by BEC for EP elections

The candidacies filed by the National Farmers Alliance, the Green Party, the New Republic Party, the Social Justice Party, the Romanian Ecologist Party, the Socialist Alternative Party and the PNTCD candidate list filed by Eugen Moescu were rejected.

The Electoral Alliance PSD-UNPR-PC, PNL, UDMR, PDL, the People’s Movement Party (PMP), Dan Diaconescu People’s Party (PP-DD) and the Civic Force (FC) are the candidacies accepted by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) for the elections for the European Parliament on Wednesday.
‘In the case of the PNTCD (Christian Democratic National Peasants Party) the list submitted by legal representative Pavelescu was accepted. (…) We took a decision to partially accept the candidacies filed by the PNTCD, meaning that one of the filed candidacies, namely the third on the list filed by the PNTCD was invalidated because of a document was missing in one of the submitted declarations. Maria Stavrositu failed to submit a declaration on whether she had collaborated with the former Securitate or not,’ the Bureau spokesman Marian Muhulet said, quoted by Agerpres. He announced the Bureau admitted four the independent candidates, including the former gymnast Corina Ungureanu and turn down the independent candidacies filed by Mircea Diaconu, Eugen Valentin Daeanu, Doina Elena Noghin, Vasile Iustuc, Nicolae Toteanu, Adrian Toader and Danut Liga.
According to him, the Bureau took the decision to reject besides the candidacies filed by the Greater Romania Party (PRM) also the candidacies filed by the National Farmers Alliance, the Green Party, the New Republic Party, the Social Justice Party, the Romanian Ecologist Party, the Socialist Alternative Party and the PNTCD candidate list filed by Eugen Moescu. He added that most candidacies were rejected because of failure to observe the legal provisions. ‘The most often encountered situation was the lack of a minimum number of signatures set by the law, i.e. they submitted a number of signatures, but after checking them, they dropped below the minimum cap set by the law, below 200,000 for parties and below 100,000 for the independent candidates,’ the electoral bureau head explained.
Candidates’ wealth declarations, under minute scrutiny
No sooner had the lists approved by BER been released than information from the wealth declarations of the candidates from the parties running for MEPs appeared in the media. We find out, therefore, that PSD MEP Corina Cretu, top of the list of candidates from the alliance PSD-UNPR-PC for the elections on May 25 obtained during her mandate 2009-2014 an apartment in Predeal, adding to that already owned in Bucharest, and jewelry worth EUR 10,000, according to her wealth declaration submitted to BEC and quoted by Mediafax. Apart from the declaration submitted in 2009, Cretu added three agricultural plots of land in Ilfov and Prahova counties, and one piece of land in Snagov village. Her income from the activity with the European Parliament is EUR 74,408.
PSD Senator Ecaterina Andronescu, second on the aforementioned alliance, owns an apartment in Bucharest on her husband’s name and a Toyota car. Andronescu has a deposit at CEC Bank in amount of RON 211,800, since 2007. Ecaterina Andronescu’s income as senator and professor amounted to RON 175,044.
As for liberals, top of PNL list Norica Nicolai saved more than EUR 300,000 after five years as European Parliament member. Besides, she lent EUR 10,000 to an individual. Nicolai increased her jewelry and art collection from a value of EUR 5,000 in 2009 to EUR 14,000 at the end of her mandate in the EP. Adina Valean, wife of PNL chairman Crin Antonescu, second on the PNL list for the EP, gained jewelry worth EUR 18,000 and has about EUR 100,000 saved. Moreover, Adina Valean gained benefits from perks from the EP: EUR 57,368 for transport, EUR 28,159 for daily expenses and EUR 51,588 for general expenses. The indemnity of EUR 74,408 for last fiscal year adds to these amounts.
Top of PDL list for the EP, MEP Theodor Stolojan, gained a net income from the EP in amount of EUR 74,409 and another EUR 18,603 since the beginning of the year. The MEP received EUR 50,400 in 2013 from the EP for expenses for MEP office. Stolojan obtained dividends in amount of RON 140,501 and revenues from pensions in amount of RON 29,520 and USD 18,957 from the World Bank for 2013. Stolojan obtained last year USD 10,000 as member in the board of the Romanian-American Investment Fund, a non-profit organisation.
PDL European Parliament member Monica Macovei, second on the democratic-liberals’ list, has three apartments in Bucharest, two houses, more than EUR 60,000 in accounts and also a credit in amount of EUR 40,000. According to her wealth declaration, Macovei gained an annual income from the EP in amount of EUR 67,494.3 representing daily expenses for “accommodation, food and other expenses in Brussels, Strasbourg and during missions in other states, travelling indemnities,” as well as an annual net income of EUR 74,408.64 EUR, representing her salary as European Parliament member.
Civic Force (FC) leader Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, opening the list of this party for the EP, had last year income in amount of almost RON 58,000, from which RON 2,000 from copyright at National Theatre “Radu Stanca” in Sibiu. The senator owns together with his wife a 24 square meters flat in Iasi, bought in 1996, and a 283 square meters house in Voluntari (Ilfov County), purchased in 2007.
Parliamentary parties cumulated last year incomes exceeding RON 29 M, PSD ranking first in the top of financing with nearly RON 13 M, followed by PNL with RON 7 M and PDL with more than RON 5 M. PSD, PNL, PC, UNPR, UDMR, PPDD and FC last year cumulated incomes worth RON 29,490,977, according to data reported by political parties and published by the Official Gazette.

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