Carrefour keeps expanding


Francois Melchior de Polignac, the general manager Carrefour Romania, said that, while he feels consumption as rising slightly, the local market remains strongly affected by the economic developments in the European Union, which is where financing lines come from and where 70 pc of local exports go to, and where three million Romanians are working, who send money home, according to “The consumption trend in Romania in 2012 was better than the European average. Moreover, I continue to believe the local market has long-term potential.” The French executive, who has been in Romania since the spring of 2011, said that, while the price remains the main purchasing factor, the consumerist behaviour has however changed. “Before the crisis, Romanians had been keen on buying foreign products. Now, amid crisis, they want to support the local economy and buy increasingly more Romanian-made products.” He also said that Romanians like to go shopping more than any other European. Amid this background, Carrefour continues expanding, having opened 21 supermarkets last year alone, nearly 20 neighbourhood stores and a shopping centre in partnership with real estate developer NEPI. The press release also states that Carrefour Romania remodels two former Angst stores, on the Drumul Taberei St and the Colentina Highway, both in Bucharest, bringing the total number of Express neighbourhood stores to 19.