The Future of Car Dealership

69% of millennials are planning to buy or lease a car in next 1 to 5 years and most of them (57%) would prefer to inform online, ideally ready to shift to a complete digital experience   An analysis by Ensight Management Consulting is casting some...

Two powers

Yalta Redivivus (II)

Let us start, just like in the previous article, with another reader’s comment. We are talking about a dispute between readers, over the situation in Eastern Europe, the sides disputing whether Russia or NATO could launch offensive military...

Two powers

Yalta redivivus (I)

Two comments posted on a recent article published by a prestigious American magazine immediately drew my attention. Not because I first read the comments to articles, but because, after finishing reading the article, I was struck by the opinions...


Romania, whereto?

After several days of massive protests in the country, everyone, whether protesting or not, is wondering what is next. The attitude of the Government and of the PSD President is that of visible rigidity and of an almost complete lack of positive...


EU – China alliance? (V)

Europe has followed with angst the developments taking place across the Atlantic in the last year. The Brexit shock had barely passed, the referendum registering a result unexpected by most political analysts and observers, that things unheard...


The satellites

From among all political parties in the more than a quarter of century since the fall of communism, PSD has governed the most. But most of the time it did not govern alone, it had allies. At first, the National Salvation Front was a heterogenous...

eu china

EU-China alliance? (IV)

The relationship with China is probably the most important one, not only for the U.S. but for the whole system. Because the two are the planet’s biggest economies. And, recently, China’s president declared that in three decades his country...

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