A tiny political party on life support

ALDE co-president Daniel Constantin is on the verge of being kicked out of the party. For the time being, the dispute will enter a legal stage, which may complicate an otherwise fairly simple political development. The other co-president, Calin...

tiberiu useriu


A Romanian called Tiberiu Useriu recently won one of the toughest and most difficult marathons in the world – the 6633 Arctic Ultra – for the second time. The infernal race covered 566 kilometres, close to the Arctic Circle. Tiberiu Useriu...


Europe: Future scenarios

In recent weeks, among the apocalyptic predictions concerning Europe’s future stood out those placing tremendous emphasis on the impact of the Dutch elections (March 15), of the French presidential elections (April) and of the legislative...


The pillars of democracy

I’m living in Romania and this takes up all my time, as someone once put it. In fact, more accurately said is we are living in Romania and this no longer leaves room for anything else. And we are living in a democracy. At least theoretically....


A Romanian Macron

Dacian Ciolos does not want to stay on the side-lines. After one year at the helm of the Government and after his failure as candidate for the Premier’s office backed by two political parties – PNL and USR – which categorically lost the...


On Russia once again

There has always been a lot of talk about Russia everywhere in the world but especially in Eastern Europe. During communism, USSR’s dominance was the explanation of this “fad,” public opinion in the occupied states of Eastern Europe going a...

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