The transfiguration of Romania

In general, a state’s politics and governance and everything that derives from them are ordered by eras which are always represented by a leading or representative character. And who imprints on that era certain specific characteristics. Although...


Activists and technocrats

A Liberal leader found the explanation for the electoral failure of his own party: the uninspired stake on PM Dacian Ciolos, a technocrat who didn’t reject the support of certain political parties. PNL would have lost with PM Ciolos, states MP...

Two powers

Europe between Russia and U.S.

Geography is not alone in placing the Old Continent between Russia and the U.S., the world’s strongest nuclear powers. The history of the last century shows that there is a very close political link between these three entities. Ever since the...

Donald Trump Holds Weekend Meetings In Bedminster, NJ

D. Trump on Twitter: A new diplomacy?

It’s known that Donald Trump, the president-elect of the U.S., who will be sworn in on January 21, uses Twitter very often. He did it in the presidential campaign too, which was an unusual but beneficial way to hike its number of supporters, with...


The Opposition

After last year’s elections, no political party could form in Parliament a majority directly through citizens’ votes. As usual, creating alliances was needed in order for this majority to be attained. In this case, PSD and ALDE, plus UDMR and...


The new Trump foreign policy: Russia

After November 8, 2016, the day when Donald Trump’s victory has been established in the U.S. presidential elections, it was outlined, and today is almost finalized, the fact that the whole international system enters into a new era. This era is...


A president for our silence

Ion Iliescu will die peacefully in his bed. And not just because of old age, but also because of the far too many political complicities which are still deterring a less “cautious” approach to Justice. Who was still expecting, more than a...

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