CCIR President Mihail Vlasov arrested for influence peddling

The Bucharest Court of Appeals (CAB) ruled Wednesday to remand for 30 days the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) Mihail Vlasov, accused of influence peddling, Agerpres reports.
The arrest ordinance made by the DNA mentions that “on March 13 this year, the denunciator went for a scheduled appointment to the office of Mihail Vlasov, situated at the CCIR headquarter, where during the discussion the perpetrator requested from the denunciator the sum of EUR 1 M in order to help him win a lawsuit,” DNA prosecutors inform.
Vlasov was brought in for hearings on Tuesday night by the prosecutors of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) after being caught in the act of taking a bribe in amount of roughly EUR 200,000.
This amount represented the first part of a million, which Vlasov was to get to “arrange” a lawsuit, said legal sources quoted by Mediafax. The prosecutors will decide whether they are going to start the criminal investigation against Vlasov following the hearing.
Mihail Vlasov, aged 70, has been the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania since 2007. He also held a deputy mandate between June and December 2008. He is the father of two daughters, Vanda Anamaria Vlasov and fashion designer Ingrid Vlasov, and the father-in-law of former minister of the Interior Cristian David (PNL), married to Vanda Anamaria. In 2012, a complaint was filed at DNA against Vlasov for corruption, reports Twelve presidents of local chambers of commerce filed a penal complaint to DNA indicating he allegedly used the funds of the Chamber of Commerce for his own interests.
“CCIR president Mihail M. Vlasov spent RON 12,239,098 in 2011, with severe indications that this amount was not spent only for the interest of CCIR. On occasion of the debates during the meeting on April 23, 2012 of the Budget of Revenues and Expenses of CCIR on 2011 (point 3 in the agenda), we noticed that at point 4 (Expenses for services provided by third-party), letter l, (fund available to the President), in the column named “provisions 2011” the amount of RON 12,400,000 was written instead of RON 6,300,000, as the members of the National Chamber approved during the meeting on May 19, 2011,” according to the complaint.

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