Celebration of the Throne 2014: “After 52 years of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and Romania, the relations of friendship and cooperation will continue to inscribe their future in a dynamic perspective”


By H.E. Mrs. Faouz El Achchabi

The Kingdom of Morocco celebrates on 30 July 2014 the 15 anniversary of the ascension to the throne of His Royal Majesty King Mohammed VI.
During this period, very rich in achievements in the field of democratic construction and development, Morocco has gone through major stages which mark an important turning point in the history of the Kingdom especially in the consolidation of the rule of law and of Institutions, strengthening democracy and the policy of proximity. We are also proud for the measures we took in view of an equal status for women and for the underprivileged social layers and regions.
His Majesty the King made proof of a great foresightedness, wisdom, an attitude of true leader in coordinating the process of democratic, constitutional and economic development of Morocco. All these reforms have as effect a strengthening of the image of Morocco as cradle of peace and as model in the Middle East and North Africa.
The New Constitution, voted in July 2011, was a historic reform. This constitutional reform did not only consecrate the reforms initiated in the past, but also contributed in equal measure to strengthening their enforcement. Among the novelties of the Constitution: reinforcing the independence of justice, consolidating the separation of powers in the state, promoting the role of the Parliament, improving the prerogatives of the power of the Executive.
In its turn, the multicultural identity of Morocco was consecrated in the new Constitution.
Many large-scale initiatives have been taken to encourage commerce and investments: strengthening the economic competitiveness, improving the infrastructure network, improving the health of the business environment, promoting the openness toward the outside world.
The Moroccan economy is diverse, liberal and stable. Morocco enjoys many free-trade agreements with its main partners (the European Union, the Arab and Mediterranean countries, Turkey and the United States) as well as preferential accords signed with many African countries.
Year 2014 marks the 52nd anniversary of the establishing of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Romania, which are based on a long tradition of collaboration in many sectors, and which are excellent both at the bilateral level and at the level of international organizations.
The numerous visits paid by Ministers, members of Parliament and economic decision makers especially in 2014 are a living proof of these sound ties that connect Morocco to Romania and their firm wish of amplifying and diversifying them.
The 600 Moroccan students who study in Romanian universities equally represent an example of the very successful cultural cooperation.
I am convinced that, after 52 years of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and Romania, the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries will continue to develop and to inscribe their future in a dynamic perspective.