CFR wants to buy power on Romanian Stock Market


The administrator of the public railway company CFR Company scheduled on July 17 a bid on the Romanian Stock Market (BRM) to purchase the power necessary for the company consumption. “The interested economic operators will submit the bid to BRM for the entire amount of 20,500 MWh, 17,000 of which is low-tension power and 3,500 is medium-tension power, as the pricing is included in the bid papers,” reads a CFR release.  The period of delivery for the power used in railway stations and the company branches and buildings is September 1, 2014 to August 30, 2015, and the distribution criterion will be the lowest price. The deadline by which the bid can be submitted is July 17 as the trading session is to take place the same day. The offers evaluation will be conducted by comparing the financial offers determined by the amounts resulting from the multiplication of the total price (on which the contract signing is based on) with the maximum quantity for each type of power (low- and medium-tension), says the company. The funding source for this purchase will be provided from their own funds, according to CFR, which does not provide information regarding the estimated value or the budget for this acquisition.