Chairman of Calarasi commission: Ioana Basescu’s loan obtained legally

President Basescu’s daughter Ioana Basescu has obtained the loan for purchasing the farmland in Calarasi County, from CEC Bank according to conditions expressly provided by the law, said yesterday Cosmin Nicula (PSD), the chairman of the parliamentary commission conducting an inquiry into this case. After having analyzed the bank’s report on this case, Nicula said, quoted by Romania Libera daily: “The report is as balanced as possible and reflects the reality the bank is facing.” “We made some recommendations that the Ministry of Finance would definitely take into account and I hope that following the adoption of these recommendations, CEC, as an institution, would become an European bank, able to enter fair competition with the other banks,” Nicula said. The report of the parliamentary commission is to be voted by the plenum of Parliament.

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