Chamber of Deputies sends papers on ASF a day later to DNA

The legal commission of the Chamber of Deputies approved yesterday the request from the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) to release several documents regarding the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) for the prosecutors. Speaker of the lower chamber Valeriu Zgonea said the Standing Bureau decided that all documents should be released in 24 hours. He said the documents cannot be sent “within a day’s notice,” because there are procedures that must be observed and therefore they will be sent by Wednesday at noon instead of same time Tuesday, according to the DNA request. “We cannot meet this deadline, but we will submit a written derogation,” added Zgonea. He said he will hold a dialogue with the general prosecutor to clear up the communication between institutions and the issues regarding the MPs’ protection.
Zgonea’s statements follow his Monday’s statement that he was appointed by the Standing Bureau to discuss with the general prosecutor and the Minister of Justice regarding DNA’s request about ASF, because the communication manner is not proper, and the legal commission will issue a point of view. Zgonea said all leaders, regardless their political views, are “a little worried” that the votes, amendments and the debates in the commissions are “under the protection of article 72 in the Constitution.” DNA asked the lower chamber all reports, recordings and minutes of the proceedings from the vote on the ordinance regarding ASF. The DNA prosecutors had asked the Parliament and the Government to release several documents in Carpatica file, regarding the emergency government ordinance under the suspicion that it was issued to protect the interests of Carpatica insurance company, according to legal sources.
As for PM Ponta, he said yesterday that the Government already sent the documents regarding the emergency ordinance regarding the Financial Supervisory Authority to the National Anti-corruption Directorate. “We, the Government, have already sent them. The Government have made them available, in fact we have asked the DNA to get the documents for a week now, so that they could see what this is all about,” said Ponta.

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