Chevron concluded shale gas exploration at Pungesti


Chevron company concluded the activities of shale gas exploration at Silistea-Pungesti well in Vaslui County after two months of drilling at 3,000 m deep, and the information required during the operations will be analyzed to establish the potential of the deposit, reports Mediafax.  “… Currently, Chevron is analyzing the information required both during the operations of drilling and during the well geo-physical investigations, to understand the potential of natural gas resources in claystone,” reads a press release.  Chevron company started the exploration works of the shale gas outside Silistea village in Pungesti commune, Vaslui County in early May, as this was the first location in Romania where the oil corporation started the prospects to identify some possible non-conventional deposits. After obtaining the planning certificate and the environment pass last year, Chevron obtained from the County Council Vaslui the authorization to build the platform on which the exploration well for the shale gas is mounted in October 2013. The works started on December 2, 2013 with a month and a half delay due to the locals’ protests.  Chevron Romania company also has two more environment passes in Vaslui County to explore shale gas in Paltinis-Bacesti, Popeni-Gagesti and Puiesti.