Claudiu Saftoiu tenders resignation as TVR chairman – director general


Claudiu Saftoiu tendered his resignation yesterday as chairman – director general of TVR public channel to the Standing Bureaus of Parliament.
Saftoiu made this gesture before the plenary meeting scheduled for 2.30 p.m., where TVR’s activity report was voted. According to parliamentary sources, the decision of the Social Liberal Union was to reject this report, with the main consequence being the dismissal of the entire Board of Directors of TVR, implicitly of Claudiu Saftoiu.
Claudiu Saftoiu sent a letter to Parliament by which he requested that “the necessary measures stripping me of the responsibilities resulting from the position of TVR chairman should be imposed.”
According to the letter released by TVR and quoted by, Saftoiu calls on the MPs not to reject the activity report and maintain the incumbent Board of Directors, in order to “avoid a deadlock for the Romanian Television.” One of the arguments he provided for his resignation was that TVR cannot fulfill all the obligations it has committed to in the channel’s economic revival programme, as well as the fact that TVR has not been given the green light to resume broadcasting in the Republic of Moldova. Claudiu Saftoiu took over the leadership of TVR last summer, after the previous Board of Directors, led by Alexandru Lazescu, was dismissed following the rejection of the activity report. Some of the names featuring in a possible list of people to replace Saftoiu are Rares Bogdan from Realitatea TV, or Niels Schnecker, ex producer at Antena 3, as well as Valentin Nicolau and Lucia Hossu Longin, members of the current TVR Board. Rares Bogdan told on Tuesday that “this proposal came two months ago. I said neither yes, nor no”.
The SRTV activity report for 2012 was rejected yesterday by the parliament plenum, resulting in the dismissal of the entire Board of Directors with the public television.