CNADNR says EUR 40 M needed to conclude stretch 2 of Nadlac-Arad motorway


CNADNR is waiting until July 23 the offers of the constructors interested in concluding the stretch 2 of Nadlac-Arad motorway, left unfinished after Alpine’s bankruptcy, and estimates that they are going to pay up to RON 177.4 million (EUR 40.3 million), VAT included, for this contract, reports Mediafax. The contract to fix the already made works and to conclude the rest of Nadlac-Arad motorway and a connecting road, stretch 2, km 22 + 218 – km 38 + 882 will be granted through open bid, for the lowers price.
The estimated value of works ranges between RON 119.3 million, an amount the bidders will use as reference point in making up their financial offer, and RON 143.1 million, which includes the purchase of possible similar services. The amounts are VAT-free. The duration of the contract will be 56 months since the date of signing. The project will be funded through European money (85 per cent) and public money.
CNADNR cancelled the contract of design and construction of this stretch last summer following the bankruptcy of the constructor, Alpine Bau of Austria, communicating at that moment that the stage of conclusion of the works is 84.75 per cent.
The construction of Nadlac-Arad motorway was split into two stretches, over a total distance of almost 39 km. The first was taken by the Romanian-Portuguese association Romstrade-Monteadriano Engenharia e Construcao-Donep Construct, for EUR 115.8 million, and the second stretch was taken by Alpine Bau, the value of the contract being EUR 124.45 million. The construction works for the two stretches opened in October 2011, as the conclusion deadline was a year and a half.