Code Orange flood advisory for Danube River, Giurgiu section

Danube water levels on Wednesday reached 645 centimetres in Giurgiu County (southern Romania), five centimetres above the flood elevation, and a Code Orange alert was consequently issued for river flow rate and level increases.
Director of the Giurgiu Water Management Service Dragos Stoica said that, according to expert projections, the Danube level will reach nearly 700 centimetres in Giurgiu, but there is no danger for localities to come under water. Several thousands of hectares of forest are flooded in the dike-shore area.  In some localities permanent monitoring is in place, grazing and recreational fishing are banned and if necessary, the mayors will promptly notify the population and order the evacuation from the dike-bank area. Ships are required to reduce speed and to check the maximum height of the convoy in the area of the Giurgiu-Ruse Friendship Bridge.
Vice PM Dragnea: No evacuation necessary
No Danube riverside community must be evacuated due to the river’s surge, the Vice Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea told Agerpres on Tuesday evening.
According to him, the local environmental and water management authorities will monitor the Danube’s flow rates and will promptly intervene if necessary to dampen the impact of possible floods downstream of the Iron Gate II dam. ‘It is important to repair immediately any failure of the embankments, any fissure in their structure. We have the human potential and the equipment necessary for hydro technical works, to minimize the damage of the surge expected to hit the Romanian sector of the Danube within 36 hours,’ Dragnea mentioned.
He added that controlled discharges of the Iron Gates hydropower system will adjust the flow rates downstream to the Black Sea; the flow rates to the through the floodgates of the two dams at 942+950 and 863+358 kilometers from the river mouth are currently 2,400 cubic meters/second, while 4,600 cubic meters per second pass through the turbines.

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