Code Yellow rain warning in 25 counties Thursday evening

Code red on Putna River, flood danger in 8 localities of Vrancea County.

The National Weather Administration (ANM) has issued a Code Yellow warning of thunderstorms and gusts, even hail for 25 counties valid throughout yesterday evening. In the western province of Banat, the largest part of the southern province of Oltenia, the eastern province of Moldavia, the northern part of the southern province of Muntenia, as well as the western and southern parts of the central province of Transylvania, rainfall exceeded 25…30 l/sq.m. and even 40…50 l/sq.m. in northern Moldavia and Eastern Carpathians.
Moreover, hydrologists issued on Thursday a Code Red flood alert on Putna River (east), valid on Thursday, precisely on the sector Mircesti – confluence with Siret River in ‘dammed Suraia sector’ area, eight localities being under floods’ threat. A new Code Red flood alert was also issued for Ramnicu Sarat, on the sector Puiesti-Tataru – confluence with Siret River.
Inundated localities, inhabitants left isolated
Six localities from Arges County – Curtea de Arges, Cotmeana, Baiculesti, Ciofrangeni, Uda and Vedea – were inundated following the heavy rain that fell Wednesday night and in the early hours of Thursday. Approximately 1,000 households in the villages of Ciofrangeni, Draganu, Cotmeana, Ratesti and Baiculesti were cut left without electricity supply Thursday morning.
In Valcea County too, over 80 homes from 34 localities were flooded and several road segments were closed, leaving nearly 200 inhabitants isolated and thousands without electricity, after the heavy showers that fell through the night and morning. According to the latest report issued by the Valcea Prefect’s Office, 195 people from several localities were isolated when roads were covered by water and bridges were washed away. In Babeni, 70 m of the dike built along the Stancalau collapsed, while in Nicolae Balcescu a bridge was badly damaged by torrents, severing the access to the inhabitants of this commune.
In the town of Craiova, several streets were flooded, while in the Dolj County some roads and dozens of homes were covered by water Wednesday evening, after 24 hours of heavy rain caused rivers and creeks to soar and hillside torrents to appear. In Olt County, many households were inundated in 13 villages, along with several houses in Caracal, Bals, Slatina, Draghiceni and Iancu Jianu.
In Timisoara, boulevards and streets were covered by water Wednesday night, as the sewer grid could no longer cope with the huge amounts of rain that fell upon the city. Local authorities sent teams to clear the obstacles and to block the roads until the water could be drained.
Another hard hit county was Buzau, where dozens of homes were flooded and several trees were uprooted by extreme wind, one of which fell upon an automobile. To give the measure of the hurricane-like gusts, the trunk tree that damaged the car had a diametre of 1 m. Fortunately, nobody was injured, as the driver – a resident of Arges County – had parked his car some 10 minutes before the incident and left.
Violent wind also broke trees in the counties of Prahova and Dambovita, where it damaged the power supply grid in several villages.
Seven trees snapped,a kindergarten basement flooded in Bucharest
In Bucharest, 7 trees broken by wind fell on roads and cars, while rainfall inundated the basement of a kindergarten Wednesday evening, the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) informs. Three automobiles were damaged by a fallen tree on Clucerului Street, Sector 1, another tree hit a car at 81, Soseaua Oltenitei Avenue, Sector 4, three more fell on the 1 Mai Street, Sector 6, another at 17 Soseaua Iancului Avenue, and yet another on the Vasile Cristescu Street, Sector 2. Bucharest and the Ilfov County were under the incidence of a Code Orange storm warning Wednesday evening.
Yesterday the traffic has been drifted on A2 Highway because of a thick ice deposit laid on the roadway due to recent hail falls.  A smash-up involving nine cars has also occurred on the highway due to hail falls.

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