Comedy Cluj International Film Festival to kick off this weekend

Various films blending comedy, irony, satire and spoofs into the concept known as „comedy-drama” will be shown at the festival’s 4th edition.

The Comedy Cluj International Film Festival will run in the Ardeal capital of Cluj-Napoca Oct 12-21. Aside from the more than 13 projections part of the festival, viewers can also enjoy top quality cultural fringe events.The jury for the feature film section of this year’s festival is made up of Thom Palmen – director of Sweden’s Umea Film Festival, director and screenwriter Laurentiu Damian – Univ. Prof. Dr. at the „I.L. Caragiale” National University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography Bucharest, Sebastian Stern – German film director and winner of the  “Comedy Cluj” 2011best film director award for  “The Bumblebee”, Declan Cassidy – director and screenwriter, founding member of the Irish Film and Television Academy, and Vivek Singhania – and Indian producer and developer of many Bollywood cinematic projects. As with the previous editions of the festival, the jury for the short film section will consist of film critics, journalists and bloggers.Viewers will also have the opportunity to watch during the 10-day festival many comedy-dramas shown outside the competition, most of them shown for the first time in Romania.This year’s entries in the feature film competition are as follows: “Baikonur” (directed by Veit Helmer, Germany), “Killing  Bono” (directed by Nick Hamm, Ireland), “Hysteria” (Tanya Vexler, UK/France), “Chinese Take-Away” (Sebastian Borensztein, Argentine), “The Runway” (Ian Power, Ireland/Luxemburg), “State of Shock” (Andrej Kosak, Slovenia), “UFO In  Her Eyes” (Xiaolu Guo, China/Germany), “The Trip” (Michel Winterbottom, UK), “Montevideo: Taste of a Dream” (Dragan Bjelogrlic, Serbia).Reputed Romanian actor Horatiu Malaele will receive the festival’s lifetime achievement award at Cinema Victoria, Wednesday, Oct 17, 5.00 pm.

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