Commissioner Andriukaitis on refugee issue: We are all responsible for those people


All EU countries carry a responsibility as regards the refugee issue, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis on Thursday told a meeting with representatives of the civil society in Bucharest..

The refugee issue – we are all responsible for these people. We are all responsible for staying united and discussing this, said the Commissioner.

Asked if there is a reserve plan to address the refugee issue, the European official said that several documents have been drawn up in this regard.

We need to prepare such a plan. Right from the beginning of the process we developed several documents on multiple aspects. For example, the economic issues related to immigrants, the control at customs and border checks. All these require a plan. There are many tools involved at EC level and we all perceive this situation, and we must be aware that we have to take concrete action in Turkey, in Syria, in areas where people have these problems. A war can break out tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and at that moment we must have a plan ready: we must stop this war! (…) We must find the possibilities to stop these terrible situations. If we don’t do this, we will have issues we do not want, said the European official.

He added that there is also a backup plan at European level for the event of a possible outbreak of an epidemic among the immigrants.

Yes, we have this plan. We are dealing with these situations. We have a health safety committee that manages health situations in Europe. We have contingency plans, they exist, assured Vytenis Andriukaitis, according to Agerpres.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, the European Commissioner said he is a friend of the Russian people, but is against Vladimir Putin’s policies.

I see painful images from Ukraine. I am a friend of the Russian people, then on the other hand I am against Putin, but Putin’s policies, and Russia or Russians are not the same. I am one of the EU Commissioners who speaks Russian a bit, he said.


  1. Clown boy. IDIOT!!! No plan, no idea how to handle the situation. Another piece of EU bureaucratic BS. Please tell me why a simple farmer in any country in the EU is responsible for these Muslim Illegal Aliens. That is right. They are not migrants, they are illegal aliens seeking a silver spoon in Europe. And this idiot says we are all responsible? He is responsible because he has no clue what the real situation is. He is just another EU political hack. The EC has not attempted in 5 years to use any of the tools he easily discusses. Because the EC/EU is a political farce.

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