Conflict between former and current FRF presidents


Mircea Sandu to sue Burleanu for infringing confidentiality clause.

Romanian Football Federation (FRF) President Razvan Burleanu launched yesterday at a press conference a series of accusations against former FRF President and current FRF Honorary President Mircea Sandu, stating that the latter unjustifiably spends important sums of money from the Federation’s budget on his personal interests.
“Mr. Mircea Sandu did not give up the Federation’s car, he doesn’t want to walk. He travels on business class, it would be below him not to do so, and with a pay of EUR 500 by the day. (…) I have no option but to sign these expenditures, being forced to do so by the General Assembly. But the FRF is spending EUR 40,000 per month with Mr. Mircea Sandu, in the context in which our budget does not allow this. Romanian football needs these funds,” Razvan Burleanu stated for Digisport.
Burleanu’s statements come a day after Mircea Sandu publicly revealed “an open letter to the friends of Romanian football,” a letter in which he calls on the Federation’s “fans, the mass-media and associated members” to show solidarity against the “lies” and “injustice” shown by the Federation’s new and “non-validated” leadership.
FRF Honorary President Mircea Sandu announced yesterday, according to Mediafax, that he is going to sue Razvan Burleanu for revealing details of his contract for life annuity, infringing in this way a confidentiality clause, and it will ask for EUR 500,000 in damage.