Convicted murderer Cioaca, released from prison under new Penal Procedure Code

Former policeman Cristian Cioaca, imprisoned for murdering his wife, lawyer Elodia Ghinescu, was released from prison Friday evening, but the decision to set him free is not definitive yet. The cancellation of the arrest of Cioaca was ruled Friday by the Pitesti Court of Appeals. The two magistrates of the Pitesti Court of Appeals that tried Thursday the request to revoke the arrest measure had not reached a conclusion, so the demand was tried Friday by a divergence panel of three judges from the same court. The divergence court decided to replace the arrest measure with release under judiciary control, the decision being to be enforced immediately under the new Penal Procedure Code (CPP). An eventual appeal filed by prosecutors against the decision made Friday by the Pitesti Court of Appeals will be tried by the Supreme Court.
Moreover, Cioaca was allowed to resume his former job with the Arges Police Inspectorate, where he will conduct administrative work, but without the right to carry a weapon, to conduct activities pertaining to judiciary police or public relations.
Cristian Cioaca was detained since 5 December 2012. He was formally charged by the Prosecutor’s Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice with homicide and desecration of graves, as he was accused of murdering his wife, lawyer Elodia Ghinescu, in August 2007.

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