COSR President Morariu resigns

Octavian Morariu announced on Tuesday that he resigns from the position of President of the Romanian Olympic Sports Committee (COSR), a position he has held for the past 10 years, in order to dedicate himself to the position he holds within the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Digisport informs.
Morariu will remain interim president until May 29, when the elections for the new leadership of COSR will be held. Romanian Rugby Federation President Alin Petrache and former tennis player Dinu Pescariu are the top candidates.
Octavian Morariu, a member of the IOC, was appointed by IOC President Thomas Bach as member of the international body’s Commission for Olympic Programs and of the Commission for International Relations.
Morariu was elected member of the IOC in September 2013, thus becoming the fourth Romanian within the IOC, after Prince George Ghe. Bibescu, George Alexandro Plagino and Alexandru Siperco.
Mr Morariu has a Civil Engineering Diploma, Bachelor of Arts, 1986 National Promotion Leader of the Bucharest Constructions Institute – National School of Railways, Roads and Bridges of Romania.
He was an international rugby  player, 19 selections with “The Oaks”, the national Romanian rugby team (1981-1987); Member of “The Barbarians” team (Easter Tour, April 1987); Player and Club Captain at ASPTT Paris (1987-1990); Coach at Paris Saint Germain (1991-1993)
He was President of the Romanian Rugby Federation (2001-2003); Member of the FIRA-AER Administrative Council (2002-2004); President of the National Sports Agency (Romanian government body for sport) (2003-2004); Vice-President of FIRA-AER for High Performance (2004-2013); President of the NOC of Romania (2004-); Member of the EOC Executive Committee and Vice-President of the EOC EU Commission (2009-); President of FIRA-AER (2013-).

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