Criminal complaint against Basescu filed with Prosecutor’s Office

PM’s Control Body announces ICCJ Prosecutor’s Office will be notified of the case involving land property in Nana village.

Yesterday, the Social Democrats drafted, signed, and filed a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office against President Traian Basescu.
In PSD’s Chamber of Deputies meeting room, the Prime Minister announced yesterday that the criminal complaint against President Basescu had been finalized. In turn, Senator Gabriel Firea said the complaint against the head of state was drafted by her attorney, and emphasized that she feels threatened by Traian Basescu, following the latter’s statements on Realitatea TV concerning Florentin Pandele, her husband and mayor of Voluntari.
The Senate subsequently suspended the plenum meeting in order to allow PSD senators to sign the criminal complaint in the meeting with Ponta. Kelemen Hunor, UDMR chairman, Union MPs, PC and UNPR leaders, Daniel Constantin, and Gabriel Oprea also came in to the meeting room. Kelemen Hunor described President Basescu’s statements about Gabriela Firea and her husband as unacceptable, but underlined “there is a long way from this to filing a criminal complaint,” and he noted that no decision has been made at group level, so each member is free to sign it, if they wish to.”
Also yesterday, the PM’s Control Body sent the report on moving several land properties into the private domain of Fundulea town to the Parliamentary Investigation Commission on the Land Property in Nana village. The Body announced it would notify the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office with respect to several deeds considered illicit. On September 9, 2013, Ioana Basescu, the President’s eldest daughter, received a RON 4.6 million leu-denominated loan from CEC Bank for the purpose of purchasing a 290-hectare property in Nana village, Calarasi County.
Radu Ghetea, CEC Bank president was involved in this scandal by Finance Minister Daniel Chitoiu, who stated back in November that he had been called by the head of state and asked not to replace Ghetea. Late Monday on RTV, PM Ponta said a solution for replacing Ghetea as CEC president – his contract only expires next year – is being looked into in order to prevent the Gov’t from paying damages.
Statements about Firea – “a truly hit man-like threat made by Basescu”
Prime Minister Victor Ponta has brought back into public attention the discussions surrounding President Traian Basescu’s purchase of land in Nana, Calarasi, and the controversy involving the latter’s statements about PSD senator Gabriela Firea. On Romania TV late Monday, the PM indicated that the head of state’s recent statements about the senator are the ugliest manifestation of his character, but by no means constitute the President’s most serious such breakdown. “It was a truly hit man-like threat, almost taken from The Godfather. I believe he feels he is losing control because he has two enemies – time, his biggest adversary, and formerly USL. He took part in planning the break-up, but a large number of voters have stuck with the alliance we are now forming; it is a sign that he is agitated,” Ponta stated live on Romania TV.
The head of state “lost his bearings” with respect to Senator Gabriela Firea because he is aware that many law violations were committed in the Nana land property case, the Prime Minister said further, adding that the Prosecutor’s Office would look into the matter and most likely question Basescu after December, as it would be impossible to subject the President to a hearing before that time. Ponta remarked that someone who uses their children to conceal his dirty work is a degenerate father. Politically speaking, he went on, this is still a time when “everyone goes their own way for good,” referring to PNL leader Crin Antonescu, whom he blamed for not intervening to defend the senator. Yesterday, Ponta asked Antonescu to think what it would happen if his wife was threatened by Traian Basescu regarding his husband.
Criticism of the former alliance partner did not end there. Commenting on the head of state’s announcement that he might become Prime Minister, Ponta said this is only a nightmarish scenario, pointing out that Crin Antonescu does not see himself running the Gov’t, since this would involve “a lot of work.” “I don’t believe Basescu will ever again have the necessary support and legitimacy to run the Gov’t. Where Antonescu is concerned, I don’t see him willing to work for such a position,” Ponta stated on the same television station.
In talking about potential presidential candidates, the Prime Minister said Mugur Isarescu is not on the list because the latter surely wants to serve another term as governor of the National Bank; he will probably be head of BNR “for life,” if things go well, Ponta concluded.
Ponta relocates his office to Defence Ministry ‘to prevent setups’
The Prime Minister also accused the head of state of setting him up by suggesting that Adrian Duicu, Mehedinti County Council Chairman, who has been charged with corruption, had committed influence peddling in Ponta’s very office. Thus, PM Victor Ponta announced having made a decision to relocate his office from Victoria Palace, the Government house, to the Ministry of National Defense (MApN), where there is a strict recording of all comings and goings to avoid any corruption setups. ‘This morning, I relocated my office. I asked Mr. Minister Dusa for an office inside the Defence Ministry, which is a military facility. At any time, any state institution can find out who visits me and how long he or she stays,’ Ponta told Romania TV private broadcaster. In the same context, he said the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) has nothing to do with media reports that President of the Mehedinti County Council Adrian Duicu would have committee influence peddling in his office. ‘Until November, I am expecting setups, as the Duicu case was, which was media setup. The DNA has nothing to do with this,’ also said Ponta.

Antonescu: Victor Ponta lost his temper because of fear, nervousness
PNL President Crin Antonescu voiced very tough criticism at the verbal dispute between Victor Ponta and Traian Basescu, saying that the prime minister “lost his temper” when he announced that he will relocate his office at the Ministry of National defence. “What is this lame story, what gives Mr. Ponta the right, if he retains his sanity, to do all this circus with the government of Romania, which does not belong to him, to PSD”, Crin Antonescu said, adding: “I do not believe this is a matter of impudence, of shameless attitude, he lost his temper because of fear, nervousness, anger, he acts thoughtlessly,” Antonescu stated.

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