Cristian Diaconescu proposes eliminating immunity from Constitution

Cristian Diaconescu, thePopular Movement Party’s (PMP)presidential candidate, called onthe entire political class in Romaniaat a press conference on Saturday“to have the inner verticality” neededto eliminate immunity of anyform from the constitutional area,including presidential immunity.Diaconescu claims that severaltalks, more or less consistent, havetaken place in recent days in thepolitical area in what concerns theimmunity of politicians and pointedout that, against the backdrop ofwhat is going on within Romania’sParliament, the Popular MovementFoundation’s (FMP) opinion is categoricallythat “the application ofconstitutional stipulations andmoral and ethical standards is beingperverted at the level of the politicalclass.” According to the FMPPresident, “while in the case of MPsthe prosecution continues withouta procedural act such as detainment,search or arrest, when itcomes to former ministers the prosecutionis blocked through a politicalvote in Parliament.” “In ouropinion Constitutional stipulationshave become invalid. Let us stopfooling each other. I am asking thewhole Romanian political class tohave the inner verticality in order toeliminate immunity under anyform it manifests itself, from theConstitutional area, the legal area,and from any other domain. Let usnot talk about this anymore. We allare equal before the law,”Diaconescu stated, being quoted byMediafax. He also added that ifpoliticians trust the judiciary likethey state all the time he sees noreason why they should fear notificationsand groundless complaints,because these complaints can bevery easily solved by courts. “In myopinion the Romanian president,like any other citizen, should equallycomply with the law,” Diaconesupointed out, emphasizing thatcourts should be allowed to decidewhether at one point the positionsthey are in can be the object ofpolitical attacks or any other attacksor there is a situation that calls forlegal responsibility.The PMP’s presidential candidaterefused to talk about his releasefrom the office of presidential advisor,stating that he is not in theposition to discuss that: “Like thepresident said, it’s a technical, internalissue that I am not able to discuss.You know very well we havenot only a contract of loyalty butalso an obligation of decency inwhat concerns the offices we holdat one point and if we hold them inan honest manner and we feelRomanian (…) the rest are internalissues.”On the other hand, Diaconescuannounced that he will send a letterto the International MonetaryFund (IMF) in which he willrequest clarifications regarding cutsto social security contributions(CAS), in order to remove somesuspicions that exist regarding thismeasure announced by theGovernment. ‘International partnershipsare always respected andthought out on a long-term basis.As can be seen now, the relationwith the IMF is de facto suspended(…)’, he said. Diaconescu askedhimself why in the summer of2012, within 48 hours, all thestate’s institutions were changedthrough emergency ordinances,but now the Government is notissuing an emergency ordinance tocut the CAS, but is sending thenormative act to Parliament. ‘I haveanother question and this questionis directed to the IMF, World Bankand European Commission. Iwould request these institutionsnot to partake with theGovernment in supporting lies. Iwill draw up a letter to the board inWashington, through which Iwould like these international institutionsto inform us what the anticipatedmeasures that were genericallyannounced by the head of theIMF mission in Bucharest regardinglabor taxation are. When weconcluded the agreement with theIMF, there was no provision in theagreement in the sense that,depending on certain politicalmoments, these financial institutionswould side with one politicalparty or another’, said theChairman of the People’sMovement Foundation. Accordingto him, there is an agreementbetween the IMF and theGovernment to not informRomanians of the recent measures.

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