CSM makes public 2014 protocol with the SRI National Cyberint Centre


The Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) on Tuesday made public a protocol concluded in 2014 with the Cyberint National Centre, which operates within the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

The cooperation protocol in the field of security of information and communication systems was concluded on December 18, 2014, signed by the managers of the two institutions at the time, CSM Chair Adrian Bordea and the SRI Director George Maior.

According to the document, the subject of the protocol was to establish the conditions under which intelligence is exchanged between the parties, the ways in which the intelligence is transmitted, the general framework for cooperation and the obligations undertaken by the two parties.

The CSM pledged to submit to the Cyberint Centre information about cyberattacks or other computer security incidents, spam messages stored on e-mail servers and, on request, “NetFlow” messages from servers connected to networks of telecommunication service providers.

In its turn, the Cyberint National Centre should forward updated information on vulnerabilities of the computer and communications systems to the CSM, regular reports on the state of the body’s network security, and information on detected cyber threats or security incidents.

Under the protocol, the Cyberint National Centre does not have access to the content of CSM documents, and the information it receives “does not represent the content of the communications sent by or between network users.”

Among the obligations taken up by the Cyberint National Centre was not to take action that would prevent the development and operation of the CSM data communications network. In its turn, CSM was not to block and filter the transmission to the Cyberint National Centre of information of significance in the prevention, detection and countering of cyber-attacks.