CSM notifies Judicial Inspection over 100 cases involving Bercea

Bucharest Court of Appeals published the motivation for the decision to maintain Mircea Basescu and Marian Capatana under arrest.

The Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) Plenum has asked the prosecutors’ section to notify the Judicial Inspection fact that the Olt County prosecutor’s offices have decided not to start criminal prosecution in one hundred cases involving Bercea Mondial. The decision was taken after Judge Horatiu Dumbrava, a member of the CSM, has asked the Council to notify the Judicial Inspection.
“I cannot help thinking why this point was reached. One hundred cases, that’s what the press says, were butchered by the judicial bodies in Olt, concerning convict Bercea. We aren’t doing anything? We have to see whether that’s so,” Dumbrava said against the backdrop in which the CSM was discussing the Judicial Inspection’s report on the statements made by Sandu Anghel, also known as Bercea Mondial, about High Court of Justice President Livia Stanciu and National Anticorruption Directorate Chief Prosecutor Codruta Kovesi.
The CSM Plenum adopted yesterday the conclusions of the Judicial Inspection’s report, which shows that Bercea Mondial’s statements about Stanciu and Kovesi affect the independence of the judiciary. In what concerns Bercea Mondial’s statements, Attorney General Tiberiu Nitu had stated that it is not “advisable to take note ex officio,” pointing out that his statements “appear to be less credible and serious.”
Also yesterday, the Bucharest Court of Appeals published the motivation for the decision to maintain Mircea Basescu and Marian Capatana under arrest, pointing out that the two have accredited the idea that the judiciary is at the mercy of their influence, taking advantage of the position held by the President’s brother in order to give credence to their claims.
Mircea Basescu’s lawyer filed on Wednesday at the Bucharest Court a request to have the preventive arrest measure revoked, after anticorruption prosecutors presented to the President’s brother on Tuesday the result of the forensic examination of the recordings made by Bercea Mondial’s son. The Court will analyze the request on July 21.

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