CSOP poll: USL – 48pc, still in the lead of voting intention


A CSOP opinion poll conducted in the September 28 – October 3 period, quoted by evz.ro places in the first positions of voting intention in the election of December 9 USL – 48 per cent voting intention, ARD – 23 per cent and PP-DD – 14 per cent. The Union lost 2 per cent since August, but the setting of the Fair Romania Alliance (ARD) and the Mihai Razvan Ungureanu- Mihail Neamtu- Aurelian Pavelescu triplet did not manage to bring any extra points to PDL, as the voting intention for ARD is the same as the one for PDL (23 per cent). Dan Diaconescu’s People’s Party did not mark any important rise in the opinion poll either, as the voting intention in September only grew by 2 per cent compared to August, before the Oltchim privatisation circus show. In what regards the confidence in politicians, PM Victor Ponta is rated with 28 per cent confidence, PNL leader Crin Antonescu – 21 per cent, ex-PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu – 20 per cent and President Traian Basescu 19 per cent. Romanians are not at all optimistic about the direction the country is headed in, the opinion poll saying the rate of distrust had grown to the level reached during the January protests – 73 per cent. On the other hand, only 11 per cent of Romanians think the country is headed in the right direction. Evz.ro quotes political sources as saying that the poll was ordered by PDL and that some of the results were presented during the meeting of the party Steering College. The poll has a confidence interval of +/- 3 per cent. At the end of September, another CSOP poll showed a voting intention in the parliamentary election scheduled on December 9 of 48 per cent – USL and 24 per cent – ARD.