Current absorption rate of European funds on Operational Programmes stands at 5.47pct at end of last week


The current absorption rate of the European funds on total operational programmes stood at 5.47 percent on 19 January, 1.23 billion euro, respectively, in respect to 2014-2020 period, the data of the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds (MDRAPFE) revealed.

The highest absorption rate was recorded on the Operational Programme Initiative for SMEs, namely 93.9 percent, but the allocation was just 100 million euro, followed by the Operational Programme Technical Assistance with 23.28 percent, the Operational Program Competitiveness with 11.49 percent, Operational Programme Large Infrastructure with 10.13 percent, the Operational Programme Competitiveness with 6.48 percent, the Operational Programme Development of Administrative Capacity with 4.15 percent, the Regional Operational Programme with 0.41 percent and the Operational Programme Human Resources Development with 0.09 percent.

The actual absorption rate stood at 4.83 percent, 1.09 billion euro, respectively.

If the National Programme of Rural Development and Fisheries is added to the current absorption then the percentage stands at 11.44 percent, 3.35 billion euro, respectively, while the actual absorption would stand at 10.01 percent, namely 3.09 billion euro.