Current and former ministers and MPs seek legislative list seats

Although both the PDL and the USL announced they would not make December 9 legislative election candidate names public, relevant information keeps leaking from both camps.

According to Realitatea TV, the majority of this government’s ministers aspire to MP seats, as only three out of the 20 member-strong Ponta Cabinet won’t run in the December election, namely the minister of Finance, Florin Georgescu, Justice, Mona Pivniceru, and European Affairs, Leonard Orban. According to the same sources, the Minister of Development, Eduard Hellvig, and that of Administration, Radu Stroe, will run for deputy seats in Ilfov County. Gabriela Vranceanu Firea, a former television personality, and wife of the Voluntari mayor, will also candidate for an Ilfov seat. Firea has said before she will rather run in the college including the town of Voluntari “simply because my husband has won four terms there by 90 pc of the votes in previous years and 80 pc now.”While some of the ministers are at their first bid for a parliamentary seat, others are at their first try, among them  Defense Minister Corneliu Dobritoiu, Agriculture Minister Daniel Constantin, Tourism and Development Minister  Eduard Helvig, others, such as Communications Minister  Dan Nica or Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu are pushing for a fifth term in office.Some somewhat “dissident” voices in the Social Liberal Union (USL) however warn about the risks surrounding the Dec 9 election, with former presidential candidate Mircea Geoana telling  Realitatea TV that the USL’s  55 pc in opinion polls is a low rate considering the maneuvers that the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) are preparing. The former Senate speaker grounded his warning on his perception that it was the vote rigging in the country, and not in the Romanian diaspora, that made the difference in the presidential election of 2009. “The 2009 election was rigged. I won the 2009 election. It was not the diaspora that made the difference, it was at home where rigging occurred,” the senator explained”. On a Facebook post, Liberal Ludovic Orban, too, was unhappy with the USL lists containing circa 50 “serial political defectors”. “I’m really curious to see what they are going to do if Basescu won’t appoint the USL-proposed PM and will propose a different candidate instead,” Orban commented on Facebook. “Was it for a six-month governance that we put the next four-year one in jeopardy? God help me I’m wrong,” Orban said, who is not delighted with the 20 Conservatives on electoral lists either.In the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) camp, the mood appears to be flaring up with the Monica Macovei-led ethics commission in charge of validating candidatures once they get the green light from the Leadership Body. According to, the candidacies of some leading Democrat-Liberals including former tourism minister Elena Udrea could be obstructed by Monica Macovei. The candidature of former Chamber of Deputies speaker Roberta Anastase is another difficult issue to deal with. While PDL First Vice-president Cezar Preda confirmed on Romania TV Monday evening that Roberta Anastase will run for a college in Prahova, he nonetheless avoided to say whether Elena Udrea will stand for a legislative seat representing Neamt County.  According to Cezar Preda, PDL President Vasile Blaga, will run for senator of Timis, and Mihai Razvan Ungureanu was invited by the Arad organization to candidate for a college in that county. The former premier is yet to reach a decision on it. Arad Co is also where Mihail Neamtu, president of the New Republic Party, will run for a parliamentary seat. According to Preda, Cristian Boureanu will enter the race in Vaslui, Ioan Olteanu, at Bistrita, Mircea Toader, Galati, Anca Boagiu, Bucharest, District 2 most likely, Raluca Turcan at Sibiu, and Gheorghe Flutur will stand for senator of Suceava. Preda pointed out he would run for a deputy seat in Buzau.According to a statement Theodor Stolojan (a PDL member of the Ethics Commission), made on Romania TV, the commission will look into the candidates’ wealth statements, their CVs, own responsibility statements as well as press information, including Google searches! Dan Diaconescu, too, disclosed on Romania TV, Monday the names of some of the candidates running for Parliament on the ticket of the People’s Party Dan Diaconescu (PPDD). They include journalists Florin Condurateanu and Sorin Ovidiu Balan, Horia Mocanu, whom Dan Diaconescu presented as the most influential Romanian worldwide, Dr. Paul Purea and General Mircea Chelaru.

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