Dacia, strongest climb by number of registrations in France

The number of new Dacia car registrations in France has gone up by 30.4 percent in the first six months of the year to 58,582 units, the strongest climb among best-selling brands, whereas the market increased by 2.9 percent to 958,776 cars. The brand’s market share also went from 4.82 percent in last year’s first quarter to 6.11 percent, according to the French Automobile Manufacturers’ Association. Only Lancia and Jeep reported a steadier growth than Dacia, as the number of Lancia registrations doubled to 4,069 cars between January and June from the same period last year and the number of Jeep registrations increased by 49.4 percent to 732 cars. The French groups’ sales went up by 9.5 percent to 543,195, as opposed to international manufacturers whose sales slid 4.5 percent to 415,581 cars.
The French group Renault, owner of Dacia, has continued to cover the gap to market leader Peugeot Citroen. Renault sales climbed 15.3 percent to 253,887 units, compared to its main rival’s 4.7 percent increase to 288,746 cars. In the timeframe under survey, Renault only reported an 11.4 percent increase to 195,305 units.
Dacia is ranked eighth among the top ten best sold car models with 25,755 cars, which accounts for a 2.7 percent market share. Dacia Duster entered top 100 on the eleventh position with 22,671 cars sold and a 2.4 percent market share, in addition to Logan MCV II – 61st place with 3,784 units and a 0.4 percent market share, and Dacia Lodgy – 64th, 3,615 cars sold and 0.4 percent market share. In June, Dacia registrations climbed 46.9 percent to 11,381 units, whereas the market increased by 3.2 percent to 196,257 cars. The only brands whose sales grew more sharply were Lancia, with a 76.6 percent increase in sales and 830 cars sold, and Jeep, with a 50.8 percent increase in sales and 196 units sold. Dacia’s market share went up from 4.07 percent last June to 5.8 percent this year.

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