Dacia, strongest rise in sales over five months in France

Sandero and Duster in top ten best selling cars.

Dacia continues its rise on the European market. The higher number of registrations for new Dacia cars in France remains the highest among the brands with significant sales in January-May. Thus, the sales of cars in France went up by 3 percent to 762,141 units between January and May and stagnated in May to 148,573 units, according to information released yesterday by the Association of French Carmakers. Over the first five months of the year, Dacia sales went up by 27 percent to 47,199 cars. Dacia market share went up from 5.02 percent in January-May last year to 6.19 percent over the same period of this year.
The market share of the brand went up from 4.6 percent in May 2013 to 5.09 percent in May 2014. Nevertheless, registrations slowed down in May to 10.8 percent compared to 45.6 percent in April, to 7,564 cars.
Over the first five months, Dacia is present with two models in the top ten in terms of sales, Sandero on nine with 20,537 units and a market share of 2.7 percent and Duster on tenth, with 18,478 cars and a market share of 2.4 percent. The top ten positions are held only by models of the French groups Renault and Peugeot-Citroen.
Dacia has also the model Logan MCVII in the top 100 best selling models on the 57th place with 3,132 cars and a market share of 0.4 percent, as well as Dacia Lodgy on 61st position with 2,934 cars and a market share of 0.4 percent.
At the light commercial vehicles section, Dacia sales went up by 4.3 percent in May to 294 cars and by 0.5 percent in January-May to 1,509 cars.
The same data of the Association of French Carmakers reveal that Skoda, with a 20 percent increase in sales to 1,771 cars, reported a higher advance than Dacia in May. Lancia sales (part of Fiat group) went up almost twice to 834 cars, and Lexus sales (Toyota brand) went up by 19.4 percent to 228 units. Jeep (Fiat group) went up more than twice and reached 175 units sold in France in May whereas Infiniti sales (brand owned by Nissan group) almost tripled to 42 cars. The leader of the market, Peugeot-Citroen group, went up by 3.9 percent to 46,992 cars whereas Renault group, which owns Dacia, remained on the second position after a 9 percent increase to 33,598 cars. Renault brand went up by 8.5 percent to 26,034 cars.

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