Dacian fortresses in Orastie Mountains restored


The National History of Transylvanian History will coo-ordinate a four-year research and restoration of Dacian fortresses in Orastie Mountains.
Mediafax quoted a press communiqué as saying this is the biggest archaeological project in Romania so far, financed by the Culture Ministry and the National Heritage. The institutions joining the project are the “Babes Bolyai” University, The National Museum of Romanian His­tory in Bucha­rest, the Mu­seum of Dacian and Roman Civi­lization in Deva and the Cluj-Napoca Institute of Archaeology and Art History.
In 2012, the archaeological exca­vations at Sarmizegetusa Re­gia got RON 3 M, and in 2013, Piatra Rosie, Costesi, Blidaru and Cetatuie will be among the ex­plo­red areas. “The four-year program will consist of systematic and pluri-disciplinary archaeological research in the Dacian fortresses in Orastie Mountains, monuments part of the UNESCO heritage fund. We wish this research program to become a model with respect to the value of vestiges uncovered and the UNESCO status of the ancient monuments in the area of the Osrastie Moun­tains,” reads the communiqué.
The research includes identifying Dacian vestiges by geo-radar and reconstituting their architecture without scrabbling, micro-flora analysis and a restoration plan given the fortresses being part of the UNESCO heritage fund.