Dan Puric, anniversary one man show “Romanian Soul” at Theatre on Lipscani

At his 55th anniversary, renowned actor and director Dan Puric will perform the “Romanian Soul” one man show on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 7 pm at the Theatre on Lipscani, Rapsodia Hall. Dan Puric suggests through mime artistry the story of the Romanian people’s liberation from communism, its endeavours to adjust to the Western system, with the toll of major humiliations and suffering in the absence of true understanding from the West. The end of the show gives a glimmer of hope, as the people weakened and blinded after 45 years of communism find the resources to resurrect and turn into champions. One that can set an example for others. “I devote this show to the Romanian people, to its untainted inner beauty, which will help them rebuild themselves one day. Loving this beauty, they will have the power to heal others too, once they leave the country,” said Dan Puric. The show script and directing belong to Dan Puric. Tickets and reservations can be made at the ticket booth of theatre company “Passe-Partout Dan Puric,” Lipscani Street, no 53, phone number 021-315.89.80 or 0761.319.819.

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