Dan Voiculescu denies charges in ICA case

The businessman believes the prosecutor in charge intimidated witnesses and requests that the trial be randomly redistributed to a different judge panel.

During yesterday’s hearing in the case involving the privatization of the Food Research Institute (ICA), Dan Voiculescu told the court he is aware of the charges brought against him, but he denies them, going on to complain that the prosecutor in charge intimidated witnesses, the presumed damages are false, and forty of the evidentiary volumes had vanished, Mediafax notes. The Bucharest Court of Appeals Judge panel comprising of Judges Camelia Bogdan and Mihai Alexandru Mihalcea is currently hearing the defendants’ testimonies in the ICA privatization case.
In addition, in the same statement given before the court the businessman reiterated his previous position concerning the accusations made against him by anticorruption prosecutors. “During the criminal investigation conducted by DNA, which lasted over one year, I was never called to give a statement. Going over the papers, I realized I had been charged since as early as June 11, 2007, as proven by a witness statement in which the name Voiculescu Dan is listed as defendant. It’s not normal for the defendant in a criminal investigation not to be called to a hearing,” Voiculescu said.
Moreover, he emphasized there is no material evidence that could prove he is guilty and blamed the prosecutor in charge of witness intimidation by allegedly telling witnesses “Voiculescu must be found guilty.” The presumed damages are false and, furthermore, forty of the evidentiary volumes have vanished, Dan Voiculescu noted, adding, “Money laundering has nothing to do with my actions.”
He announced his intention of submitting as evidence a definition of money laundering. “I have been accused of two offences. I asked to be tried for both. The sentence issued by the Bucharest Court only mentions one charge, money laundering, because it was supposedly prescribed. I want a court sentence as to whether or not I am guilty. It’s my right,” Voiculesu said.
According to the founding chairman of the Conservative Party, he is not even an oligarch at the moment, but just a pensioner. The real beneficiary of certain companies is the person behind someone else, he went on, whereas he never played a backstage role; he has always been “upfront.”
Prior to the hearing, Dan Voiculescu’s attorney asked for the ICA case to be randomly redistributed to another judge panel on the grounds that the two magistrates currently handling the trial were appointed June 26, while they were still Bucharest Court judges.
Before going to the Bucharest Court of Appeals for the ICA trial, among others Dan Voiculescu described himself as a sensitive man, despite his harsh and hermetic exterior. He pointed out that Monica Macovei will have to answer before justice for slandering the country through a series of statements according to which she was allegedly physically abused by him. On the day Dan Voiculescu said in a press conference that he was an “ardent” supporter of the rule of law, Monica Macovei stated Dan Voiculescu despises the rule of law.
Voiculescu sets up NGO to investigate Basescu
In a press conference he himself had called, Dan Voiculescu announced he was setting up an NGO to “bring to light Traian Basesu’s activities from 1989,” and then refused to answer questions about the new case involving leased land properties. “Knowing I haven’t done anything, knowing I’m innocent and knowing there is no direct or indirect material evidence in any of these cases to implicate me, I started analyzing the situation in retrospect in order to understand what was happening,” Voiculescu said Sunday afternoon. “My conclusion is as follows: after Antena 3 aired the evidence which probably led to the arrest of the President’s brother, there was an avalanche of unfounded attacks that are based on nothing concrete,” he explained. “I want Romania to become an authentic rule of law state in which each citizen is defended by prosecutors and judges,” the founder of the Intact media trust and the Conservative Party remarked.
At the end of the press conference, Voiculescu refused to answer questions from the press. Before leaving, he told reporters he would only answer questions related to politics.

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