Daniel Chitoiu quits Cabinet to coordinate PNL’s campaign

Daniel Chitoiu resigned Thursday night from the position of minister of finance. He said there is no reason for him to quit the government other than the party needing him to coordinate the campaign for the European and presidential elections.
In the wake of the start of a criminal investigation against his wife, Laura, pressures coming from the ranks of the opposition for his resignation multiplied. Nevertheless, Chitoiu didn’t make any reference to his wife.
“I decided to get involved more actively in the PNL’s activity by taking over the party’s general secretariat in view of the upcoming elections. I am a party man and I have good relations with all colleagues and branches.
Therefore I am quitting the government and I am also resigning from the deputy premier office because my new tasks won’t allow me too much extra time”, Chitoiu said.
He pointed out that there are no other reasons for his resignation. Liberal leader Crin Antonescu regretted Chitoiu’s departure from the Cabinet. He said the PNL will nominate a new person for the position on Friday. He denied an earlier statement by deputy governor of the Central Bank Bogdan Olteanu, who said he has been offered the position.

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