Daniel Constantin: Romania risks running out of operation money starting October


There is a risk for Romania to run out of operation financial resources in October, co-chairman of the Pro Romania political project Daniel Constantin told a press conference in Resita.

“We came to a certain conclusion and consequently pulled alarm. The conclusion is that, from an economic point of view, what we are headed for does not look very good, despite the current positive indicators. The alarm signal is in connection with the fact that, as of October, Romania risks running out of operation money. Of course I don’t have certainties, but increasingly more voices inside the system, from the ministries and from the Finance Ministry in particular, caution of that. We should actually corroborate this finding with what is going on these days, namely the governmental chaos, the host of proposals that are being made especially in this area, for collecting more money to the state budget. Those who will bear the brunt will be small companies in particular,” said Daniel Constantin.

According to him, the measures that will particularly send Romanians scrambling are the separate VAT account and the increase of the fuel excise duty.

The co-chairman of the Pro Romania political project says he was on Friday in Resita at the invitation of a group of locals interested in building a new party.

“I am here to build a party that does not have an immediate goal, but one that targets the 2019 European parliamentary elections, when I believe we will have strengthened each organization. In Caras-Severin I found people I liked. Some of them have previously been in politics, but they may have wanted a different kind of politics, and some of those I discussed with were newcomers who decided to improve their environment, the community they live in, and this is true for other counties too. Unfortunately, in recent years, voter turnout has been steadily declining, which means that there are increasingly more dissatisfied people,” said Daniel Constantin.

He argues that, after talks in Caras-Severin with businesspeople, he found that just eight months into the governing term, the people are extremely disappointed, as they compare the promises with what has been actually done, and the disappointment does not refer to the ruling PSD or ALDE alone, but to the entire political class.