Defence Minister: NATO member states must continue to be united and solidary


Attending Romanian defence attaches meeting, FM Corlatean argues in favour of the need
to continue the Alliance enlargement process.

The NATO member states must continue to be united and solidary in the new context of the situation in the region, Romanian Defence Minister Mircea Dusa said in the opening of the works of the annual assembly of the Romanian Defence Attaches, focusing on the challenges to the international security climate, carrying out during July 7-11 at the National Defence Ministry headquarters.
Minister Dusa reiterated that ‘Romania remained a credible partner of the Alliance, through already assumed common projects and programmes,’ underscoring that this message must ‘reach all our partners,’ confirming once more that our country observes the assumed commitments.
On the discussion agenda, one of the debate topics was identifying new cooperation direction between MoD, on a NATO level, and the EU with the military strategic partners. Moreover, Minister Dusa told the military attaches that the process of transforming the military body and adapting the legislation to the new security challenges must be continued.
‘To meet this objective, the role of Romanian military attaché system is essential,’ Minister Dusa also said.
General Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Stefan Danila, and Defence Information General Directorate Director General, Lieutenant General Marian Hapau, also participated in the meeting, having Foreign Affairs Minister Titus Corlatean as guest.
Corlatean hailed the very good cooperation between his ministry and the National Defence Ministry in attaining the Romanian foreign policy and security objectives and underscored the importance of deepening the cooperation between the two institutions in laying the groundwork for NATO Summit in Britain, on Sept. 4-5.
He argued in favour of the need to continue the Alliance enlargement process as a concrete way of extending the space of security and stability, the release said.
The minister reiterated the importance of reconfirming the solidity of the transatlantic relation for the adequate management of the security risks associated to the new geo-strategic context and reaffirmed the need to beef up the national defence budgets.
He underscored the Romanian Government’s pledge to gradually increase the defence budget allotments so that the goal of 2 percent of GDP might be attained in the 2017 timeframe.
The Romanian top diplomat said Romania will keep on encouraging the strategic partnership between NATO and the European Union and stressed the cooperation with the eastern partners must be extended amid the promotion of the relevant allied initiatives on the interoperability and capability-building. He also said there was need to continue the commitment of NATO and its partners in Afghanistan, the ministry announced.