Detachment of Canadian pilots dispatched to 71st Air Base ends mission


The 71st Air Base at Campia Turzii (central-western Romania) on Friday hosted the closing ceremony of the Romanian-Canadian joint air force exercise started in May, when a detachment of the Royal Canadian Air Force was dispatched to Campia Turzii with six F18 aircraft and support staff, under the NATO program to re-establish and ensure airspace security.

The Canadian detachment, made up of over 200 troops and six CF-18 Hornet aircraft, will leave Romania in early September.

‘The gains were not just in terms of operational activity, but also as regards other aspects such as checking the capabilities of the Romanian side as for providing support for the operation of military forces belonging to other states. We had the opportunity to see how we can operate respecting the same rules,’ Commander of the 71st Air Base at Luna (Campia Turzii, Cluj County) Marius Oatu said on Friday at the end of the ceremony.

On his part, Commander of the Canadian detachment, Lieutenant Col. David Pletz praised the very good conduct of the common mission, but the most important thing, beyond testing some military parameters, was the fact that his team has gained a lot on a personal level from meeting the Romanian troops and discovering the Romanian culture. David Pletz also said he will definitely return to Romania next year together with his family