Dissident Mihai Chirica, on the brink of exclusion from PSD


*Liviu Dragnea: I don’t want to put the question of Mihai Chirica’s exclusion from PSD at CExN


The leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated on Tuesday that he doesn’t want to put the question of the exclusion from the party of the Vice President Mihai Chirica in the meeting of the National Executive Committee (CExN) that will be held in the next days.

Being asked what happens if the question of Chirica’s exclusion from PSD will be put at CExN , Dragnea answered: “I don’t want to put this question”.

At the insistence of the journalists, who asked what happens if the question of the exclusion will be put at CExN by the PSD Iasi county organization, from where Chirica is coming, Dragnea has hesitated to answer, repeating: “I don’t want to put this question”.


Uprising in PSD Iasi: Dozens of mayors in the county retract from the Iasi Mayor


Approx. 30 mayors of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) in Iasi County convened on Tuesday to take a decision on Mihai Chirica’s public reactions, signing an open letter by which they retract from the Iasi mayor, saying that they support the Grindeanu Government and the central leadership of the party.

Part of the mayors in Iasi County convened in a hotel from Iasi to discuss about their position towards the leader Mihai Chirica, while the members of the PSD Iasi Municipal Organization sent an open letter to the press, in which they assert their support for Mihai Chirica.

PSD mayors’ meeting was unofficial, and after almost 3 hours of talks, the 27 mayors exiting the hotel avoided to make statements for the press.

Asked what the purpose of the meeting was, Dumitru Pantazi, the Pascani Mayor, admitted that they wished to discuss on the status of the PSD Iasi Interim President Mihai Chirica.

The organizer of the meeting was the Mayor of the Schitu Duca commune, Mihai Mihalache, who stated for the press that 27 mayors attended to the discussions of Tuesday, and the other 63 will join the decisions.

PSD Iasi mayors decided to send a letter to the Government and PSD by which they show their support for the government program, for the Government and for the central leadership of the party. By the same document, PSD Iasi mayors announce that they retract from Mihai Chirica.

“We met to discuss the Mayor Chirica’s reactions in the local press and at the national TV channels. On Friday, we decided in the executive committee held at Iasi that all the mayors in Iasi, including him, too, will support the Grindeanu Government and Liviu Dragnea as the President at national level. On Sunday, he stated a totally different thing, that he doesn’t support the Government, that he doesn’t agree Liviu Dragnea to be the President. We, the mayors, consulted between us which way should we choose. We’ll prepare a letter by which we support the Grindeanu Government and PSD and we retract from Mihai Chirica and all his statements made in public starting from today (e.n. – from Tuesday)” stated Mihai Mihalache, the Mayor of the Schitu Duca commune, to the journalists.

According to him, in the letter will be clearly requested that Chirica has to be dismissed from the positions he holds, namely the Interim President of the Iasi branch and the Vice President at national level, but not to be excluded from the party.

“Bucharest has the duty to decide Mihai Chirica’s future as PSD Iasi Interim President in the shortest time”, Mihalache added.

At the same time, Ovidiu Laicu, PSD Iasi Vice President, sent again a press release with an open letter to the PSD Iasi parliamentarians and to the party’s Executive President, Maricel Popa, drawing attention that Mihai Chirica didn’t come to Bucharest to represent PSD, but “he represented only himself”, “playing against his own team”.

“He didn’t attend to any meeting of the National Permanent Bureau or National Executive Committee in the last almost two months. He actually excluded himself from these leading bodies of the party. We don’t know if this is arrogance, vanity or something else. But it’s obvious that we had a PSD Vice President for nothing, since he didn’t come to Bucharest to represent us. But he represented himself, playing against his own team, against PSD, the party that made him a mayor, Vice President at national level and interim President in Iasi”, announced Ovidiu Laicu, who asked on Sunday Chirica’s honorable resignation.

Laicu also demanded to the PSD parliamentarians to retract from Chirica, asking to the Executive President “to defend your party and publicly separate from what Mr. Chirica is doing, together with our parliamentarians”.

Reactions also came from the members of the PSD Iasi Municipal Organization, which also by a press release, announced that they support Chirica, and the cons from inside the branch “are not and could never be assumed by a modern political organization like PSD Iasi Municipal Organization”.

Being contacted by the journalists to comment on his party colleagues’ reactions, Mihai Chirica asked while laughing, if it’s a “denial”.

“They don’t retract, it’s a matter of personality for them. I wanted to have a talk with them. I thought it’s a discussion of principle, and they are a part of the mayors, don’t forget that we still have over 60 mayors in the county, who managed to be there together, making a common policy of visibility, no one has to forget that we succeeded to radiate from the municipality, which was completely collapsed, a policy that was useful to the whole county, and it’s satisfying, because it was their work and I have to respect it”, Mihai Chirica stated.

He explained in addition that he is the one who retracts from certain decisions of the party taken into a restaurant, claiming that this can be done at the party’s premises.

“They retract from something every day, I didn’t change my political speech, I don’t attack persons or the party’s leadership, but challenge each one of the PSD members to make a realistic and fair analysis, so that the conclusion will be natural and normal for today’s Romania” Mihai Chirica stated, saying at the same time that he respects their standpoint.


 Mihai Chirica, reaction to Dragnea’s statement: These “Chirica” persons come from the Greek chirios, meaning gentleman


Mihai Chirica had a reaction to the PSD President Liviu Dragnea, who stated on Tuesday morning that “PSD always had persons like Chirica inside, the party will decide in the next days. He supported President Iohannis once again in the past, when I appointed Mrs. Shhaideh”.

“Honestly, it’s an honor. It’s an honor, at least from two points of view. These persons like Chirica come from the Greek chirios, meaning gentleman, that’s the Greek word. So if we are many gentlemen in the party, it means there’s still a chance for it. There will be gentlemen in the party also from now on, I am sure, and we’ll manage to prove that social democracy is a policy that is more than necessary in today’s Romania. Of course, I cannot afford to get into disputes with the party leader, I have an education that I care a lot. I have no quarrel because I don’t aim to replace Mr. Dragnea, I really don’t. Of course, I don’t believe that I ever offended social democracy by everything I said, the party discipline is an absolute necessity in any party, regardless of its name. But the party discipline also needs rationality, it is necessary when it expresses good things that align the party, leading it to the highest heights of success. Right now, it seems we see the heights in the mirror, reversely. So all of us need to align for a European Social Democrat policy in which the party discipline doesn’t contradict the possibility to express a standpoint, a thing that I promote in Iasi, too”, Mihai Chirica explained.